Sundate ‘Impromtu’ BBQ

We had a blast last Sunday! Let’s talk about being spontaneous, it was really an impromptu decision to do a BBQ session!

We had a talk about having BBQ the night before and we only decide on the location on the day itself! Went to buy the stuffs on the last minute.

Thank God, we managed to get a good place.

Someone getting a little excited and ended up just ditching it there.Melted mozzarella cheese! This is a must-have food! Everything just paired up with cheese perfectly!Oh-oohh yessss.Taking break #1Taking break #2Hotdog + melted cheese = damn good.Yummm!Grilled lamb & over grilled it lol and some turned into lamb jerky wtf.Grilled eggplants!!!Bought salad vege for wrap as well.And Kewpie dressing, oohhhh I like this dressing.Hello, little boyyyyy.“What?”Taking break ver. 0.2 and saw my mum – “Mami, pictures please! I mean picturesssss!”



Not bad le hahaha.

Actually, I helped her to take some too la ok.

This little fella cried cos I snatched away the phone from his hands cos he doesn’t want to look at my camera haha.


Ok, let you play phone but must take pictures with me ok.


After finished eating + clearing = play time!“Look at the thing I picked from the sand.”

Dragged my mum again to help me take some photos. But first,……

I helped her took some too. So we’re both win-win lol.Impressive, right? With massive amount of exposure and contrast lol. I love having family time!


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