4 ingredients Spaghetti Carbonara?!

No lie, only 4 main ingredients.

Ingredient for 2:

  1. Pasta of your choice (Spaghetti works the best for carbonara) ~ 200g
  2. 2 eggs
  3. 55g parmesan cheese
  4. Bacon (I don’t have bacon so I use hotdog!)
  5. Freshly grounded black pepper
  6. 1 clove of garlic (I skipped this)
  7. Olive oil

Super easy ingredients, the other 3 can be simply found in the kitchen~

First is to boil water for your pasta. Add a pinch salt to the water to flavor the pasta. Add some olive oil too to avoid the pasta sticking together, you may skip this if you stir it occasionally.Wait it cook for about 7~8 minutes.Meanwhile, let make the carbonara sauce~!

Mix the parmesan cheese and eggs all together in the bowl. Use a larger bowl cos you gonna cot the pasta in the sauce later on.

Mix until like this then put aside.Prepare your bacon/hotdog.Cook ’em up.

I like it slightly burned lol, weird i know.

Once your pasta is done, drain the salt water (don’t throw yet) & toss in with the hotdog.The last step, mix all in the sauce!

If you don’t like the consistency, you may add a bit of the pasta water until you get the consistency that you like.

And it’s done! Super simple, right! Simple yet super delectable!Plating~ Sprinkle some parmesan cheese & freshly grounded pepper and you’re done!


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