Gardens By The Bay x Supertree Grove || SG Bound ’15

Hi, guys! I back with updating from where I left – my SG Bound! Omg, this trip is like 84792871374 back lol.

Anyways, this time round, I’m bringing you guys to another “Free Things to do in SG”, the Supertree Grove @ Gardens By The Bay!

Best time to visit: Evening ~night time (Please stay until 7:45pm or if you come at 7:45pm, please stay until 8:45pm I’ll tell you why later!)

Of course, the most budget and convenient way to getting there is by train (if you are staying further from MBS lol)

  1. Take the train via Circle Line (Yellow) or Downtown Line (Blue).
  2. Alight at Bayfront MRT Station (CE1/DT16).
  3. Take Exit B and follow the underground linkway.
  4. Exit and cross the Dragonfly Bridge or Meadow Bridge into Gardens by the Bay.

If you were a blur person, just do like what I did – follow the crowds.

And the crowds will bring you here, just keep following them!

Right in front of you!

There’s no need to waste your $3 for the shuttle bus because it is really near!

Here you have to walk through the bridge & go down (there is a lift – no worries!, just follow the crowds, they know more better than you lol.) & you’ll find the Supertree Grove.

Just walk walk walk~

Hello, MBS!

Reached the ground~

I was there at the evening (to avoid the sun & I personally think the Supertree Grove are nicer during night time!).

Come during evening if you’re like me – wanted to see how it looked like during day time & also night time. If you’re coming at the evening, make sure to stay until 7:45pm! Don’t leave so soon!

Still looking good during day time but definitely better at night!

Photobombed by MBS lol.

I was there!!

There will be a refreshment car going around too! To those who are thirsty, no worries!

By the time the sky getting darker, the Supertree slowly lit up.

Wheeeeeee~ Not yet, not yet there.

Another activity you can do here @ Supertree Grove is the OCBC Skywalk.

OCBC Skywalk – $5 for adults & senior citizen / $3 for children. Ticketing Hub – Open daily: 9.00am – 8.00pm

But of course, being a budget me, I didn’t go up.

Ohhh the view is sooooo pretty! I wished my camera could frame all the view around me (not in panorama mode ok). I like it better with the golden light from MBS ❤

The darker the sky, the brighter and prettier it get~ See the blue lights? It’s the Supertree too but further. Not sure if it is still in the Supertree Grove or not.

I was about to go and I saw a lot of people chilling here so I thought, “Ok la, I sit sit here act yi ge like local awhile la!”.

Just as I about to get up and go, I heard some announce and OMG it’s the Garden Rhapsody!!

Please please please stay until you enjoyed the show!

2 show times daily at 7:45pm and 8:45pm!!!

The show is like a music + the supertree changing it colour following the music. The show is so magical although there is no Disney princesses around lol.

Please remember to enjoy Garden Rhapsody!

I think they will be having theme from time to time so please remember to stop by ya!

Must ok!!

After the Garden Rhapsody, it’s time to go back to the MRT station.

Bye, GBTB~

Oh, it’s the Singapore Flyer!

Super nice during night time ❤

Going back to the MRT station – follow the crowds lol. Followed them all the way to MBS haha.

And got lost finding the MRT station.

Disadvantage of following the crowds without knowing where they bring you lol.



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