Food for the body is not enough. There must be food for the soul. – Dorothy Day

Hi, guys! Chinese New Year is around the corner and I am here, slacking around lol.

Anyways, booked this restaurant few days ago for my sister’s birthday dinner. Seen a lot good reviews, so why not give it a try?

Now, Kenny’s is totally different from Loaf n Roll (previous post). Kenny’s is more cozy environment, very simple and cozy. The restaurant itself is pretty small, just a few tables will fully occupied the space (Pretty cramped. The spaces between the next table is quite close).

If you were looking for a fine dining kinda environment, I do think Kenny’s needs some more improvement on it.

Extra: Kenny’s has always having contest going on. The best Instagram photo of the week will receive RM50 off from their bill.

Extra 2: (Some) Paintings on the wall are for sell.

We both reached earlier hence selfie first! ❤

There will be Special of the Day & Dessert of the Day from time to time (not in the menu! Can check it out in their FB page/the black board ⬆⬆⬆)

Watermelon Juice (Jumbo) – RM13, Ice Lemonade – RM3.50, Sprite – RM3.50, Lemon Tea (Hot) – RM3

That’s what the jumbo is about. Shared this with my sister. Tasted quite bland. I guess the water quantity is more than the juice itself.

Look at the glass, so hugeeeeeeeee.

Starter: Caeser Salad | baby romaine, caeser dressing croutons, egg, bacon– RM14

Look decent, but tasted nice. Baby romaine was crunchy & dressing was good.

Starter: Buffalo wings| [mild], [hot] or [nuclears!] with their own homemade buffalo sauce – RM17 (half dozen wings)

Ordered for a quarter [mild] and another quarter [nuclear!]. The hottest doesn’t tasted really that hot, for those who doesn’t eat spicy also can handle it imo. As for the mild one, we can’t find it because it got mixed in the basket lol.

Tasted okay but not worth for the second time.

Main Course: Pressed Belly of Pork | belly of pork, idaho mashed potatoes, yuzu sauce, mushroom ragout – RM29

One of their famous dish. The crispy pressed pork belly. High-end version of shao rou lol. Not a fans of super crispy pork skin so this is not really my cup of tea.

But the yuzu sauce is great. It bring out a little punch of sourness that really open up your appetite. Fans of mushroom? The sauce is for you, bebs.

Here’s what it means “Pressed” belly of pork. Super tender and quite easy to tear apart. This remind me of lamb shank lol.

Red meat: Lamb Chops | lamb chops, green coral lettuce, red coral lettuce, cherry tomatoes which they lied in the menu and there’s no single tomato, fries– RM25

Nah, this is a pass for me. Although the meat is really tender, I just don’t like the taste itself. It tasted like the burned grill bar lol. Hopefully they did clean their cooking utensils/equipment often.

Pasta: Teriyaki Pasta – Chicken | cream, sesame dressing, dashi – RM18

This is by far the best dish in Kenny’s. The pasta is almost like carbonara but less creamy and it brings in a tiny fragrance aftertaste of sesame dressing. The chicken was tender and tasted great too.

Pasta: Aglio Olio – Chicken | garlic, olive oil, chilli, pasta, parsley – RM15

Tasted super bland and literally taste nothing like aglio olio lol. Even the chicken is no place to brag about lol. Super plain & boring dish.

Main Course: Teriyaki Chicken | chicken thigh, purple yam, broccoli, shimeji – RM25

Surprisingly, the purple yam is good. Tasted exactly like mashed potatoes! The teriyaki chicken is the same at the chicken for the teriyaki pasta. Order this if you’re playing it safe.

I’m a little dissatisfied and disappointed with my visit here. There is another order which is the ahi katsu (one of their must-order) which had been missed by the waitress. In the beginning, I’d informed them my order is not complete yet and the waiter went and check and never return. Upon finishing my meal, my order is not there yet hence I’m calling for the second time and now they said the order is not key in and asked whether I wanted to wait for it or not. I was so angry at this point because the waitress did not apologize at all. I mean, it’s her mistake for missed my order and now not even apologize or anything for delaying my meal? Yes, yes. They can say so many customers so it’s normal to miss out one or two la, but it’s their problem for being careless + not apologize at all for being careless.

There basically 2 types of restaurant that I will hesitate to return back: 1) bad food 2) bad service.

Welcome, the type-2-restaurant.


Here’s my outfit of the day.

Outfit of the day:

Romper – Zalora

Shoes – Velvet @ Zalora

Bag – Taobao

I’m literally an awkward potato, still bad at posing.


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