Loaf n Roll Bakery Bistro

I survived without Internet for a few days pops confetti lol. Internet got cut down for a few days because no one is paying it!! My data is always weak one, so I can’t do anything beside Whatsapp & Wechat lol.

Anyways, the Internet is back and I too upgraded my data to the new Digi plan yays!

I can’t wait to update you guys more, so I’m here!

Loaf n Roll is a newly opened bakery bistro, I know right. A bakery and bistro? Wait until you see it.

It’s a two storey bistro. Downstair is for the bakery & upstair is the bistro to chill & enjoy. The whole concept is modern retro and it really a lot of efforts in decorating it. You can find every corners, there will be a few quotes & pictures hanging around.

It will be better if the lightning is a lot brighter (p/s: for better photography 😜)

Pelican Pink Grapefruit Vodka

Strongbow Gold Apple Cider – RM17, Pelican Pink Grapefruit Vodka – RM12.90, Somersby Apple Cider – RM17

Loaf n Roll provides different ranges of drink from coffees, vodkas, wines, beers & ciders.

Beef Steak – RM14.80

Curious with such a cheap price, bad decision bad decision. The meat is so tough, so tough.

Fish & Chips – RM14.80

The only food that was decent, the Fish & Chips. At least, it was fresh.

Carbonara – RM6.80

Looked delectable right? Nahhh. It was like having a milk spaghetti wtf. Not cheesy, guys, but milky.

Smoked Salmon Pizza – RM14.80

See what I mentioned before? The “only” decent food was the Fish & Chips.

So photogenic, wasn’t it?

Taste wise, nothing like smoked salmon. I feel cheated lol. It tasted like sardin pizza omfg.

I’m sad. I rather prefer if the boss puts more effort into foods than decorations. It’s such a waste for them. Yes, I do believe that nowadays, we tend to visit a cafe/bistro based on its interior/exterior. But what makes us keep wanting to coming back is the food. This place is good for chilling & drinking, better skip their food.

Well, everything makes up when you’re with the right person/persons.

Evelyn & I

Ok, two pretty ambassadors.

See ya’ll in the next post!

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