Letter to 17-year-old self

Dear myself,

6 years later, you will realize that you will be working harder than you ever wanted to. You will regret for the chances that you didn’t took. You will regret for not knowing the importance of money earlier.

You will regret for not making friend, with friends. You will regret for not being cautious on your calories intake.

But you will realized,

Yes, you are working hard and endure harder, but you did well. You learnt in process of enduring.

You will realized,

You still regret for chances that you didn’t took, but you know why. You are not brave enough. And you will tell your future self, to be stronger and braver to make that 17-years-old you, proud.

You will realized,

Money is something you hate so much, but you need it so much too. You will realized, working is nowhere to be rich. You will realized, you wanted a change in your life.

You will realized,

Backstabbing a friend is not a proud action, and you have to be ashamed of. But you learnt, real friends are the one stay with you always. You will too realized, friends will make use of you when they need you.

You will realized,

You are happy for not restricting yourself. You are eating anything you like. But not until you gained so much weight.

You will too realized,

You are thankful for 6-years-ago-you for that you are the one creating who I am today.



Me in 2016.


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