Here comes the annual blog post lol.

2015, I made my resolutions, 2015 I did more than half of it. I traveled, I spend money on things I always wanted, I cried and I laughed.

“What keeps me going is goals.” I guess, that’s what humans are exist for. Life without goal is directionless. Doesn’t matter if your goal is small, or big, go for it.


1) #RelationshipGoals

In a relationship, there will sure be happy times and difficult times. Let’s get a healthier relationship in 2016, talk more, express more, more understanding, listen more, love more, get crazy more. But most important, is to stay close during hard times.

2) #SquadGoals

You know who you are. I’m grateful for having wonderful people in my life and I’m grateful to have them in 2016 too. Let’s meet up and talk all our heart contents out. Looking forward to everyone being united. Happy Friendship!

3) #BodyGoals

God knows how lazy I am to stay healthy. God knows how much I love my junk food. I hope to see a change in me in 2016, leaner not fatter ok. Haha.

4) #TravelGoals

In 2012, we made a promise. “20 years old to Taiwan.” And 4 years after, we are going to Taiwan (long ass months to go lol). We booked our flights and we are both excited for the trip. Our first #FriendshipTrip. Of course, I would like to travel more. Doesn’t matter overseas or local.

5) #BloggingGoals

There were times when I blog almost daily, there were times when I skip blogging monthly. It’s very unstable, just like how I am with working out lol. I hope to put in more serious effort and time in blogging.

6) #GoldGoals

I want to earn more money. I want to success. I want a happier life. I want to challenge myself in this #GoldGoals.

Let’s achieve all our #2016Goals!


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