15 things in 2015

1) Traveled alone to a foreign country

I gave a lot of my firsts to Singapore. My first spontaneous trip. My first time travel alone. My first time getting lost in a foreign country. My first time celebrated birthday alone, in a foreign country. And there’s a lot more firsts and great experience there.

2) Celebrated birthday alone

Yes, read 1). And my most luxurious meal during the trip is Mcdonalds (because of the suck currency exchange) and it was for my birthday yays.


3) Staycation

Two staycations in 2015! One was during Valentine’s Day (Grand Palace Hotel) and another was during bf’s birthday (Imperial Palace Hotel).

4) Short vacation to KK

With Mami & Bf! It’s such a relaxing trip and I had fun!

5) Xiaomi Note

Upgraded my phone from a cheap Lenovo to Xiaomi Note. Although Xiaomi Note is not a high-end phone but I bought it with my own money! proud

6) Refurbished desktop

I can’t believe it. I got a desktop now! It’s a refurbished one so it’s cheap but hey, I got a desktop! I might be able to buy a more quality one in the future!

7) Panasonic Lumix GF2

Got myself a camera which is super cheap from Lazada! Old model but still usable!

8) Won an Olympus E-PL7

Oh yeah! πŸ™‚ Few weeks after I bought GF2, I won myself E-PL7 from an Instagram contest!

9) Happy relationship

2015 was a hard year for both of us but in all those hardships, we were there together, solving and helping each other. We might fight and quarrel a lot but we are happy with having each other by side ❀

10) Earn & Spend

I won’t say that I earn a lot, but I do earn some. But so do I spend some (or actually all lololol).

11) Giving up on something I hold onto it so long

I made a decision in 2015, to give up on a system that might success me, to a happier me. I was unhappy. And I know, giving up on a future is hard but it is more worth than giving up to my soul.

12) I can swim, finally!

After 20 years, I finally realized that swimming is actually quite easy! (but tiring lolol). That’s an achievement!

13) I grow more fat, nay!!


14) Cut my hair to the shortest length in my life

and growing out long again lolol.

15) More viewers!

Yay! Thank you all for visiting my blog!


2015 is such a challenging year for me, so many ups and downs but it’s alright! Challenging life is more fun than boring life. I’m grateful for all the great things happened in me and also all the bad things so that I can learn from mistakes!

I realized more that half of my 2015 resolutions had succeed! Thanks, Lord!


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