3 years

 photo OI000060_zps1onnut0v.jpg
How did I do that?

How did I keeping up doing the same thing for 3 years?


I can’t believe it.

I remember when I first start out writing blog and I was 15 years old. It was after PMR because I have lots of time to surf the Internet. I somehow stumbled onto famous blogs. And I was like“I want to be a blogger too.”

Initially, I started it out because I thought blogger’s life is cool but as I continue to write, I realized it is fun. Blogging is fun! I can share whatever things that I like or I see or I just purely wanted to share it! It doesn’t matter if someone is reading or not because I just enjoyed it! And it’s no longer the “blogger-life-is-cool”.

I spent a good 3 years on blogspot and another 3 years on WordPress now! It’s my 6th fun years with blogging and I am still having so much fun!

3 years on WordPress had bring me so much fun 🙌 And I’m looking forward for further joys and funs!

Hails to the 3rd year! 🎉🎊


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