Things to do at Changi Airport || SG Bound ’15

 photo P1010114_zps4aeo0dgb.jpg

Airport can be boring but not for Changi Airport.

There’s so much things to do before your boarding time! Transit & Transfer is never bored anymore!

Here’s what you can spend your time before boarding:

1) Keep your memories…
 photo P1010118_zpscdyrarsy.jpg

 photo P1010121_zpsdyfujglz.jpg
…on the Social Tree!

 photo P1010119_zpszidnhnjm.jpg
You can either take a picture or retrieve your old picture!

 photo P1010120_zpscxp1n7s7.jpg
Your picture will be placed on the Social Tree after taken! You can also email the picture to yourself or your friends and family!

 photo P1010163_zpsh0usdxk5.jpg
And also take an E-Post Card!

 photo P1010165_zpsgb3gggxn.jpg
You can also email to anyone you want! (And of course, I’m sending to myself 😂)

2) Stay Connected…
 photo P1010124_zps3oj6v3yj.jpg
…with FREE WIFI…

 photo P1010148_zpscgrzpixx.jpg
EVERYWHERE, well almost…..and…

 photo P1010116_zpsezdqjkpe.jpg
Stay connected on your electrical devices 24/7…

 photo P1010149_zpscsalc2m7.jpg
EVERYWHERE, well almost…

How awesome. Imagine that you have to inform your parents that you’re on the way to your destination, you can always use the free Wi-Fi to email or Facebook message them. Or your camera is out of battery, you can always find the charging station and charge it.

 photo P1010145_zpsyxwrxxcj.jpg
…with a massager!

 photo P1010147_zpspj3rmbsm.jpg
Which airport besides Changi Airport provides this OSIM!!! OMFG THIS IS CRAZZZZZ! Especially when there’s three terminals here so walking around can be tiring but OSIM!!!!!! I love you, Singaporeeeeeee! ♥♥♥

 photo P1010150_zpsf0a15xvn.jpg
There’s also a rest area where few sofas are provided for you to rest! For those who have a long transfer time, come and get a rest here!

 photo P1010140_zpshr5hb1zk.jpg
…with something nice.

There’s a lot of cafes and restaurants around so take your time and enjoy your meal or if you’re in a tight budget like me…

 photo P1010151_zpskqqegykb.jpg
…you can always get free drink.

 photo P1010168_zpsoevl1spo.jpg

 photo P1010169_zpsr4q4odta.jpg
…with computer games! Dota addict, you will never be bored anymore!

 photo P1010170_zpspfzsuhcn.jpg
If you’re not the computer games person, feel free to try out Wii in their Gaming Room!

You’ll never get bored in Singapore lol.

Not a game person?

 photo P1010128_zpsavu8ae3q.jpg
They have movie theatre! Can you believe this!! In an airport!! A mini movie theatre which could prolly fits in < 100 people in there.

 photo P1010129_zpsmlzkhfxt.jpg
And it’s screening for all day all night!!

 photo P1010132_zpsqt0xu3bb.jpg
It has a movie schedule, this is the list of movies that will be on screening at the moment. No outdated movies ok!!! thumbs up

 photo P1010130_zpsusjy6zox.jpg
(Took it quickly and it’s blur but just wanna show you that it’s similar to cinema what!!)

 photo P1010125_zpsizbyld8f.jpg
But if you don’t like it, you can always choose to watch some TVs. They have so many genre, the education

 photo P1010146_zpsidovh5lg.jpg
or drama…

 photo P1010164_zpsocwhhqio.jpg
or if you like sport, come and get updated on your football match at the Xperience Zone.

 photo P1010159_zpsaz2b1zla.jpg
A huge screen for you, sport lover.

 photo P1010179_zpshwsgun1s.jpg
or perhaps you’re really into sport, you can always go for a swim! (SGD25 per excess for swimming)

 photo P1010122_zpsrlpc8sev.jpg
Or just being photogenic and take lotsa photos in their gardens (both indoor and outdoor).

 photo P1010123_zpskwa3atvi.jpg

 photo P1010144_zps6wztzjg1.jpg

 photo P1010141_zpsdscgsjj6.jpg

 photo P1010143_zpskoaoejak.jpg
Which have a lots of Koi fishes and the biggest Koi fishES I had ever seen!

 photo P1010158_zpsb4oustqv.jpg

 photo P1010152_zpsr3hbfdab.jpg
You can have a some walks at the garden and it’s indoor = chilling and no sweat, no bugs!

 photo P1010153_zpsveslwpdz.jpg

 photo P1010166_zpse83aosxd.jpg
One of the most beautiful garden ♥♥♥ I like it here more than the Enchanted Garden.

 photo P1010133_zpsdwinoqhs.jpg

 photo P1010139_zpsxjnoqkf8.jpg
Can you find a butterfly there?

 photo P1010136_zpsl3lpy3im.jpg
There’s so many butterflies in this garden but unfortunately my camera couldn’t capture them.

This mini waterfall in the Butterfly Garden is so serene.

 photo P1010134_zpsb6cpho96.jpg
Flowers and fruits for the butterflies! The butterflies here are all well taken care. Not even one butterfly will flew away and I was there when the staff is doing some cleaning.

 photo P1010135_zpsifqloozv.jpg
Spot another butterfly!

 photo 2015-10-19 09.53.13 1_zpspnhaoylc.jpg
And this is the place where I like the most, SUNFLOWER GARDEN!

 photo 2015-10-19 09.53.09 1_zpssyu4mvfc.jpg
Who could ever thought of having a sunflower garden in an airport? Changi Airport does.

 photo 2015-10-19 09.53.04 1_zpscc0e9q3v.jpg
Look at these sunflowers. It’s so beautiful!

 photo 2015-10-19 09.53.03 1_zpswwg5z2co.jpg
I spotted a bee!!

 photo 2015-10-19 09.53.05 1_zpsgnnondhq.jpg
Despite being the place that I like the most because I like Sunflowers, I still prefer the Orchid Garden more because they allowed smoking at the Sunflower Garden!!! T_____T

I only managed to stay 5 mins there cos too smelly!!

 photo PA140182_zpsjhutmqsy.jpg
Finally after 2 hours of exploring, time to board!

Changi Airport has so many facilities and activities around. I didn’t managed to check all out.

And if you’re having a few hours before boarding, feel free to go on the Free Singapore Tour.

Or maybe if you don’t feel like doing any of these, maybe you can be like me, exploring the terminals of Changi Airport before boarding!


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