Glasses Online || Review

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We had heard a lot of negative and positive reviews on online shopping but I never really encountered a bad one.

Not until I decided to buy contact lenses…..

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I bet some of you know while some of you don’t.

How do I get to know this website?
It was from a sponsored blog post (not going to mention this blogger). Apparently, this blogger was sponsored by Glasses Online and review it so so so nice.
So I went to check it out and guess what, free shipping guys! No minimum spend!

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So I decided to check out this relatively cheap contact lenses at only RM25 for 3 lenses.

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RM25 for 1 1/2 pairs.

The shipping will take about 3 – 5 days. So far so good right…………NOT!

1) It took freaking 3 processing weeks instead of 3 days!

2) Emailed them about it and they reply it so slowwwwwwww (after like 2-3 days). Asked them why my item is not shipped yet and they say need 12 days!!!!

3) Their courier service is Aramex. Aramex is not available in the East Malaysia. They freaking send my item to Aramex and it had been on hold for a few days there! Which led me to email them but still need wait for their slow replying service.

4) They ask me to self call Aramex because they need to ask some thing!! I call the courier myself? Then what your customer service is for?

5) Can’t trust blogger review after all tsk.

I swear, I will never buying from them again tsk.

One thought on “Glasses Online || Review

  1. I received news Glasses Online will be closing down as of 25th April 2016. For those who have current outstanding purchases with them, I suggest you better hustle up to get your refunds in proper order. Good luck.


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