Merlion Park || SG Bound ’15

Searching over free things to do in Singapore, Merlion Park is one of the must visit and also free.

How to get there by MRT:
– Get off from the Raffles Place station (red line).

 photo P1010160_zps1khqechq.jpg

  • Use exit G and you will find The Fullerton Hotel, walk towards to it.

 photo P1010164_zpsnyadvh5x.jpg

On your way, you will see this beautiful lighten up bridge 😍😍😍

 photo P1010161_zps9afboaqq.jpg

A bird statue out from the exit G.

 photo P1010165_zpsfaxlk51f.jpg

And a few more statues along the way to The Fullerton Hotel.

 photo P1010166_zpsfmbu4r0u.jpg

 photo P1010167_zps0mctxo6y.jpg

  • You will find yourself at the right side of The Fullerton Hotel, walk towards to the other side, the left side of the building to find One Fullerton.

 photo P1010248_zpss3069lyr.jpg

  • Walk across the road to One Fullerton and you will find a sign to Merlion Park. Take the stair that will bring you down to the Merlion.

And voila!

 photo P1010174_zpskpvlplyx.jpg

This magnificent Merlion 😍

 photo P1010178_zpsq00m1q1u.jpg

It looks so beautiful at night!

 photo P1010169_zpseqtajhvu.jpg


 photo P1010242_zpsgwzebn2k.jpg

Behind the Merlion is all the Singapore’s skyscrapers.

 photo P1010220_zpsqv0qsi3n.jpg

 photo P1010189_zps3m0ig9ri.jpg

Disadvantage of travelling alone: No nice photo, only selfies πŸ˜₯

 photo P1010196_zpsg70sqqeb.jpg

I was still using my GF2, hence the struggles of finding the right angle.

 photo P1010187_zpssbstless.jpg

A picture with the Merlion = the prove that I’ve been to SG πŸ˜‚

 photo P1010198_zpssq0sowns.jpg

Marina Bay Sands is just across the river.

 photo P1010170_zpsga9v5aut.jpg

I was there at the right timing for the Wonder Full show!

 photo P1010168_zpsglyhi7bu.jpg

Tbh, I have no idea they have this show, I was just being so lucky to be able to enjoy the show at its last few minutes.

The show is so surreal and magical 😍

 photo P1010176_zpsvrnm2muh.jpg

Found the showtime schedule online:
Sunday – Thursday: 8:00pm, 9:30pm
Friday & Saturday: 8:00pm, 9:30pm, 11:00pm

15 minutes.

 photo P1010171_zpsnix7ao1h.jpg

I feel even luckier now typing this πŸ˜‚

 photo P1010199_zpscthhwl5c.jpg

Here’s me with Marina Bay Sands after the show ended πŸ˜‚

 photo P1010233_zpsbehuqnic.jpg

Singapore Flyer is also across the river.

 photo P1010231_zpstlaxnjyh.jpg

 photo P1010230_zps8xzuzx1z.jpg

Everything here is just so worth the visit and the 10 minutes walk from the station. If I were to be in Singapore again, I will definitely come back here again and watch the Wonder Full again (I managed to watch the last 10 minutes only this time).

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