Unboxing my new camera || Olympus EPL7

 photo P1010342_zpsshpazvlj.jpg

If you were following me on Instagram, you would know that I got a new camera!!! If you don’t, follow me now @fanneelee !!!!!

Back when I was 16, I wanted a camera so badly. I bought myself a digital camera when I was 18. But I wanted to have a better camera, so I never stop checking on new cameras & deals. I finally got myself a semi-pro camera, Panasonic Lumix GF2 for RM400 (such a steal, I know).

So why I get another new camera just after I bought the GF2? No. I didn’t buy the Olympus EPL7. It was around 2 weeks after I bought GF2, I won myself a free Olympus EPL7 from a contest, how lucky.

Let’s unboxing with me!

 photo P1010390_zpslirhotgm.jpg

 photo P1010393_zpsjravvafo.jpg
In my bag:
1) Blue leather skin
2) Blue floral camera strap
3) Olympus EPL7 + 14 – 42mm

 photo P1010394_zpsrtmbz3xx.jpg

I was lucky to personalize my own Olympus EPL7. I got a blue leather skin and a blue strap.

I was in dilemma to choose between colours before settle down with blue leather skin. I was spoilt with so many choices.

 photo P1010396_zpse1be2jfn.jpg

Never regret getting the blue one 😍

 photo P1010397_zps0rp8rful.jpg

 photo P1010399_zps8dbjoxbi.jpg

Let’s unbox it!

 photo P1010400_zps2djzetb9.jpg

The instruction books & CD.

 photo P1010402_zpswqq0m5rm.jpg

Underneath is the camera and its kits.

 photo P1010405_zpsjqtqoqe8.jpg

What’s in the box:
1) Charging wire
2) Instruction books & CD which are never been touched
3) Camera charger holder
4) Battery
5) Olympus EPL7 body
6) 14 – 42mm lens
7) Flash
8) USB
9) Mini pouch for flash
10) Olympus’ strap

 photo P1010384_zpsgl6e2cui.jpg
Here is the Olympus EPL7 before I stick on the blue leather skin! Will update a review soon! Ok, cheers to an awkward ending!

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