The Hive Singapore Hostel || SG Bound ’15

When it comes to budget travelling, it’s hard to stay ‘budget’ in Singapore.

The trip to Singapore is actually cancelled due to haze but since the air tickets were bought so I made my final decision to travel alone. I searched for a last-minute deal on Agoda and I found one relatively cheap and with lots of good reviews hostel.

I stayed at The Hive for 6D5N. It is located at the purple lane and 300m away from Boon Keng MRT. Make your exit towards your right and walk all the way straight. You will see a bright blue black building right in front of you.

For the 5 nights, I paid a total of RM230+ for female dormitory.

This beautiful street lights just behind the hostel. I never get to explore there because I don’t really feel safe being alone at night. I was just being too overprotective.

For my 6D5N in Singapore, I had only met kind people there. I reached Singapore and I realized that I don’t have a complete maps to my hostel (all that I know is ‘300m from Boon Keng MRT). I asked an Indian uncle and he went all the way google-ing the hostel and show me the way.

There are a few times where I don’t know the destination, I would just ask and they helped me!

Here is the reception. It is open from 7:30am to 12:00am.

Some informative brochures provided. The staff even gave me a maps (I think it’s the China Town maps).

You can buy some stuffs here. I bought the mineral water from here because it has the best price (beside supermarkets). $1.50 for a 1.5 litres.

The dining area/ sitting area. Very hipster right. There are 2 desktops to use. The connection is pretty fast.

Saw the small book rack at the conner? It’s their so-called library. I didn’t get the chance to see what book they provide but I think there is some novels.

Some hippy art.

Here is where we make breakfast every morning. Oh did I said they provide breakfast too?

Toasters, oven, microwave and hot water provided. No warm/cold water. You have to buy it.

Free coffee & tea 24 hours. I am not a fans of hot drinks so I skipped these.

Utensils, dishes and cups.

Here is what our breakfast EVERY morning. White bread with choices of kaya, strawberry jam or peanut butter, milk and corn flakes.

I usually just have a toasted peanut butter bread with a cup of milk.

You have to throw in your dirty linens (E.G blanket, pillow case & bed sheet) in this bucket when you checked out.

This is the back building. My room is located at the back building.

The Hive is actually a two-building hostel.

A bench to chill ✌

There is two rooms at the ground floor of the second building.

You can find the iron and iron board at the ground floor.

And also the washing machines and dryer. I didn’t get to use it because I have no detergent. You can buy detergent from them if you wanted to wash your clothes.

My room is located at second floor, let’s go!

Shared bathroom. There is a lot of bathrooms so don’t worry if you were in rush to bath.

WiFi password πŸ’» You can rent some stuffs such as locks, umbrella and also towel.

Another shared bathroom.

I only bathed here once and the rest of the days, I just bath at the female bathroom.

Hair dryer is provided ✌

Just a normal rain shower.

Here is the female bathroom. Everything is similar except for it has only 2 showers and no hair dryer.

The toilet. So far, I only found 2 toilet in the second building. But don’t worry, there are few at the main building.

Some arts and mirrors at the hallway.

The arts are all over the hallway.

I like this the most.

Lounge area for you to sit and chill.

Here I show you the area that I like the most.

The stairway!

I only discovered this place on my last night.

Omg, its a nice stair to take some #ootd hahahaha.

The bulbs! It’s so so so so pretty!!!

I couldn’t resist but to take some selfies!!!!!


Spam again.

Spam again and again!!!!!

Ok enough. Let’s follow me to my room!!

Iris! I stayed here for my last 2 nights. I was in Orchid room which is a shared room for the first 3 nights. Reason is, the misplaced me!!! I thought my neighbour is a TB!!! Omg I’m so bad hahaha. Until I realized it’s a shared from when I woke up on the second day. But I didn’t change my room cos I’m not the only girl in that room. But on the third night, I literally was the one girl in the room so I requested to change!! Glad that I changed room, my previous room has a really bad Internet connection.

Only 4 bunk beds! Previous room has 5 bunk beds and is more cramped.

A full body mirror is provided in the female room (They know we all are vain).

They have this locker for us to put our belonging so don’t worry if your things to be stolen.

But I didn’t keep my things in the locker. I just put my important things under my pillow.

And this is my bed! ✌

Overall, I would give a β˜…β˜…β˜…β—†β˜† (3.5 out of 5).

The hotel is clean and cheap! Highly recommended for backpackers!

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