Excapade Miri

Finally! Excapade is open! 1F389 Mirians used to drive up all the way to the neighbouring country, Brunei, just for Excapade. Now no need to drive all the way up to Brunei to eat reasonable price sushi! yay!

Went there on it’s second day of opening for my belated b’day dinner! 1F481Thank you, bb! 263A


There are few selections of seat, the indoor, sushi bar, private room and the outdoor. We were seated at the outdoor, it’s not really hot out there because it rained before we came but to be reminded, there’s no fan out there. 1F626


The menu.

They actually have two books of different menu (a lot of selections! )

Green Tea – RM2.60 x 2 (RM5.20) 1F375

Both of use had green tea.

Tori Katsu Don – RM22.10 1F35A

I don’t really like katsu don because normally the chicken will soaked up with the sauce and becomes soggy. But this is exception! The chicken is still very crispy!

Tori Katsu Don – RM22.10

Gyoza – RM13

Omg, this is good too. Especially the vinegar sauce. The sauce is just perfect.

Gyoza – RM13

Salmon Sashimi – RM39 1F363

The is the star of all the dishes! Simply delectable!

The cheapest FRESH salmon sashimi you can find in Miri. 15 pieces for RM39! Cheap or not!!

Every time, ordering sashimi is like a gamble. I had a few sashimi in different places and most of them ended up not fresh. It’s hard to get fresh sashimi in Miri, tbh.

The one at Excapade is really fresh! This is a must order!

Salmon Fire Cheese – RM13

This is good too but tbh, it’s nothing that special. I can’t taste the cheese at all because the mayo is too overpowering haha.

Cheese Maki – RM5.70

This is the bomb. I really meant it. It literally bomb in your mouth, cheese bomb! 1F4A5

The appearance really does cheat me but don’t judge it! It’s like helluva cream cheese in the roll.

But hor, this is very very very cheesy. Even for a cheese person like me also so so so cheesy. But if you dip it in shoyu, it will become slightly mild and perfect.

Mini Salmon Mayo – RM10.40

This is good too. The salmon is really fresh and you will like it if you like mayo. It has a very strong mayo taste.

Lol. If I was a food blogger, I would be a super fail one. All my taste is either good, bad or great lol. 1F602

Alaska Ikura Roll – RM11.70

Rolled in salmon & avocado. This is good but nothing amaze me.

Beef Tataki – RM20.80

After so many dishes are good one, this is the exception. This is bad, the beef is not fresh hence tasted weird. 1F625

My advice is don’t order it.1F645

Ordered too much for two persons hence take away!


I went there for dinner and it opened from 6pm to 10:30pm for dinner. A lot of people lining up so the waiter asked us to drop our contact number and they will call us back in 1 hour.

Located at Tanjung Beach.
Opening hours: 11:30am – 2pm & 6pm – 10:30pm


PRICE: ★★★☆☆
Some of the sushis are overpriced but overalls it is still okay for the quality of the food. Cheap sashimi.

SERVICE: ★★☆☆☆

The service needs improvements. Like a lot of improvements.
1) They promise to call us after an hour but they didn’t. It actually took them almost 2 hours to call us.
2) The waiters & waitresses are unprepared. They confused a lot of orders and been searching for the table around.
3) We called for the bills for 3 TIMES for them to finally bring up the bills.
4) The orders came in quite slow but since there’s a lot orders around so it’s ok.

Maybe it is new so there are a lot of people dine in and confused the waiters & waitresses, but I must say is be patience if you wanna dine in here.

FOOD: ★★★★☆
Everything else beside the beef tataki is good.

OVERALL: ★★★◆☆ (3.5 out of 5)
I will be returning back for the good food and cheap sashimi 👍


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