Finally hitting my 20-year-old.

It’s my first time celebrating my birthday alone, overseas.

I’m buying gifts on my birthday, not for myself.

I’m not having any cake to blow.

But I gained experience.

My 20 birthday is probably the most wonderful birthday that I ever wished for, is to traveling alone.

I went out for the longest day on my birthday. I have no Internet to check on my social medias. And I feel great, honestly.

I used to care a lot, the wishes on fb, you know.

But what I realize is in the end who really matter the most.

The friends and love ones that remember your birthday even without the fb reminder.

I love you all.

I don’t care how many copy & paste birthday wishes in Wechat group or on fb because it is not real.

I don’t care for the people who pretend to care for me, I just don’t care anymore.

I am a year wiser.

Real friends are not on the web, they are real.

I am really grateful for these people in my life ❤

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