KK Trippin’ Day 2.2 || Fook Yuen Cafe & Bakery

Hi, guys! I’m back to my KK post! So basically, on the second day we did nothing but just eat and going around.

For our afternoon tea, we went to this infamous cafe & bakery called Fook Yuen Cafe & Bakery.

The branch that we went to is at Oceanus Shopping Mall.

Not so packed during afternoon tea or is it new branch so not so much people here.

Throughout our trip to KK, we were having this drink. But the one at Yee Fung tasted the best.

But the best one here, is their toast, the butter & kaya one. They got different type of bread but I prefer the toasted one.

The secret to why it is so good?

Maybe is the cold cut of butter 😍

Trust me, the toast is really really really good.

They are so generous with their butter. Also, the kaya really good too. It’s not too sweet and it goes really well with the cold butter.

Please try this if you were here!

I guess that’s all for our day 2 in KK. Our dinner for day 2 is at the Jesselton Point. It was really good but unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures of it because it was so dark there and we were eating with mum’s friends (don’t dare to take pictures lol).

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