Overtime Bistro

Halo, guys!
I gotta admit that Miri has so many new bistros & dining places recently πŸ˜‹
I was here with my bffs to try out one of the new bistros here!

Overtime Bistro which located at the Marina.



The old favorite traditional minced beaf and tomato sauce from bologna.

Your normal spaghetti. Nothing to rave about.


Spaghetti with slice bacon in creamy cheesy sauce top with parmesan cheese.

Big no no.

Two things IMO that should not order here is
1) don’t try ordering the drink in large if you can’t finish it because the large is really extra large (unless you share with your friend or you really can finish it) and
2) don’t order their spaghetti (don’t try carbonara if you don’t like a lot of garlics (garlic and carbonara, I know right) and don’t try any of their spaghetti if you prefer al dente one).


Boneless chicken thigh grilled to perfection & smothered in choice of pepper or mushroom sauce, served with french fries & vegetables.

Normal chicken chop. Nothing to rave about.

Their recommended one – OVERTIME CHIC – RM15.90

Boneless chicken thigh grilled tossed in homemade hot & spicy sauce, served with romaine lettuce & crystal tomato.

Despite it is the recommended one, I have a lot of expectations. But honestly, it’s pretty normal. Nothing for me to wow about.


Grilled smoke duck to perfection & smothered in sour plum sauce, served with french fries, baby tomato & bean.

I loveeeeee this. Everything about this Smoky Duck is closeeeeeee to perfection. The sour plum sauce really goes well with the duck. The only thing I wish is the duck meat to be more tender.


Nothing will go wrong with grilled 3 layers pork. Portion is quite big for the price! πŸ™Œ


– Drink that I ordered is not available on that night when I called out for the waitress. But what I surprised is that she did not asks what I would like to change order for my drink and she just went away.

– It was pouring heavily on that night (luckily we done eating and we were chilling) and we were seated outdoor. My friends and I having hard time because the wind is blowing hard too. I am very disappointed that the bistro did not do anything with the customers (not just us) that are having difficulty there.

β˜…β˜…β—†β˜†β˜† (2.5 of 5)
– It would be greater if they didn’t place and small fans on the floor and keep blowing my legs. It’s not appropriate for girls that wear skirt.

– It would be greater if there is a solution for the customers to enjoy chilling even during raining.

– For the food that we had, it is worth for the money especially the super large drink.

β˜…β˜…β˜…β—†β˜† (3.5 of 5)
– Food is good but there is more improvement.

Will I returning here again?
I will and I will not.

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