KK Trippin’ || Gaya Centre Hotel Sabah

Hello, guys! For my 4D3N KK Trip, I stayed in this hotel. Mum’s friend sponsored us (means free hotel stays!). He choose this hotel and I’ve seen many good reviews so I was pretty relieved. The building from outside. Suria Sabah is located next to it (just a few steps from hotel). The hotel is located at good location, near Jesselton, Philippines market and famous eateries. The entrance. It was July hence the Raya decoration. On your left, you could find a travel agency and the bar/cafe. On the right is the lobby and souvenir store. The reception. There are two desktops at the lobby for guests to use (but I didn’t use it). Our room card. A little inconvenient because there is only one card and card is to activated the electricity. So if I want to go out but mummy doesn’t wants to, I have to go out without the card. Check in time: 3pm Check out time: 12pm 4 lifts Fisheyed baby in lift πŸ˜‚ My room is at level 10. Once arrived, this is the view that welcomed me. The huge window shows the city. Dark hallway to the room and it’s pretty scary (watched too many horror movies fml). My stay for the next 3 nights. Deluxe room with extra bed. Wardrobe on the left. Inside with a safe, few hangers, plastic bag, two room slippers and iron board. TV and dressing. Small fridge, kettle and complimentary coffee and tea in the TV cabinet. Dressing table and complimentary mineral water. Bedside table lamp, phone and feedback note. Poor sofa. What were they looking at? Well, they were looking at this! πŸ™„ Requested for a sea view room and actually what we got is Suria Sabah view WTF. The picture shown the sea but in reality it’s not like that. Moving on to the bathroom At the corner is a sink and two mirrors. The toilet And the shower. No bathtub. The toiletries. HOTEL BREAKFAST (buffet style) Had this with mum. Having our breakfast indoor because it’s raining and the outdoor section is closed. The luggage tag.


1) Good location

  • Very near Suria Sabah (Just next to it).

  • 5 to 10 minutes of walk to Jesselton Point.

  • Short walking distance to KK city area.

  • Short walking distance to Philippines Market


1) No free parking

We rented a car in KK and we wanna park the rented car at the basement and we are not allowed to park at the basement unless we pay RM10/parking. There is an outdoor car park though behind the hotel but we need to park it at our own risk. Usually in Miri, the hotel will provide free parking for the guests (with relatively cheaper hotel room rate too).

2) Weak and bad internet connection

Seriously, we need to connect and unconnect for times and times.

3) No refill breakfast

We had their hotel breakfast at around 8+ and a lot of food had finished. The breakfast is until 10am.

I remember my last staycation at Imperial Palace Hotel, Miri, even though it’s around 9am+, they still refill the breakfast and the breakfast is until 10am too.

4) Noisy

Due to the construction on-going at Suria Sabah, I don’t really enjoy my stay there.

5) No sea view room

I requested for a sea view room and the receptionist said it is sea view room but heck my room is not even a single sea view room. I got a Suria Sabah view.

6) Poor extra bed

We had an extra bed as you can see there. If you asked, an extra RM80+ for a bed, is it worth it? I would say no. The bed is so so so poor that it almost seem to collapse at any second. And there is no breakfast for extra bed.

Rating: β˜…β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜† 1/5


Will I stay here again?

No I wouldn’t because it doesn’t worth for the price paid. The only great thing here is the location.


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