KK Trippin’ Day 2.1|| Kedai Kopi Yee Fung


Part 1 of second day in KK! Woke up super early at 4:30am.

Like wutttt?!

Hence getting ready early.

Decided to take some selfies in the hotel room after having hotel’s breakfast (more on that soon) ✌


Spam #1


Spam #2


Spam #3


With baby 😍


And took some with mami too. Not posting the rest 😜


Hello loves 😚


#OOTD for the day πŸ’


Rented a car yay! I rented it from KMT Global and it’s cheaper than the rest. I got Viva for the price of Kancil πŸ™„ (Just search on google for their number : KMT Global Rent-A-Car Sdn Bhd)

Initially planned to rent it on the third day because the second day supposed to be Island hopping.

But weather forecast says it will be raining on the second day 😐

True thou, but only rained in the early morning.


The wheels on the car goes round and round πŸš—

Itinerary changed at the last mins so today is food hunting (but plan all failed fml)

Here we are at this famous coffee shop; Yee Fung Coffee Shop.

Heard a lot about this coffee shop.


The back of the shop.


Inside #1


Inside #2


We are here for their famous laksa, beef noodle and claypot rice!

The sambal for laksa is free flow le! Free to take as much as you want.


Teh tarik – RM3 or sorf of.


Ice lemon tea – RM3 or sort of. #failfoodblogger #fml


This is like KK’s δΈ‰ι…Έ.

Lemon + lime + kitchai – RM4

I read a lot on what must try when in KK, and this drink is one of it.

This is da bomb! So so so good that Mami keeps ordering it the rest of our trip at different coffee shop.

But nothing beats this one. This is the best.

Do come here and try this out.



Their famous laksa. Sorry I forgot the price but it’s around RM6-7.

Taste a bit dull of me. I still prefer Sarawak laksa more.

This laksa tasted sweet while in Sarawak, laksa tastes more milkier and saltier.


Beef noodle. RM6-7. Sorry I really don’t remember.

Nothing special.


Claypot Chicken Rice – RM8 (or so πŸ˜‚)

Really, the food nothing much to wow about.



Verdict: maybe I put on too much expectation? But it worth your visit for the drink πŸ˜†

Short 5 mins drive from hotel to this coffee shop. Just use Waze and it will bring you here.

Part 2 soon πŸ™Œ

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