KK Trippin’ Day 1

Hi! I got back from my short trip to KK for about a week now.

I am so excited for this trip because it has been so long since I last travel for the travel purposes (like wuttt?). To get away from reality and works is the best πŸ˜€

Now, I can’t wait to plan for my next short trip!

Flew with Air Asia.

I’m super lucky. I bought my tickets during the zero fare promotion.

A return ticket only for RM18+/person! What a steal! Immediately bought the tickets for 3 and only least than RM50.

Naonao is with me too! Looking all happy and excited too.

Reaching KK at about 4:20pm and bought the airport bus tickets.

You will see this booth at the corner once you got out.

RM5/adult and RM3/child per ride.

I have to stop at the last stop for me to walk to the hotel (Gaya Centre Hotel). The people told us only 5 mins walk to hotel but they lied. We took about 20 mins.

If you want to take taxi, it’s RM30 to Gaya Centre Hotel from airport.

Just around 10~15 mins ride to reach the city.

Ugh, made a mistake for using Waze because we are not driving! It even led me to the wrong hotel (I went to Hyatt and thought it’s our hotel fml)

#OOTD on the way to hotel. Comfy airport wear.

Reached hotel and checked in (more on the hotel soon). Took some rest and it’s dinner time yay!

Not to miss out here when you’re in KK.

Bet all the Sabahans know here well. The infamous bak kuh teh.

Here, they serve it differently. Each meat will serve in different bowl.

Each bowl cost RM6.50. Quite expensive actually.

Baby and I had tried it during our last KK trip and brought Mami here to tried it out this time!

Just a few mins of walk from hotel ❀

Chinese tea is must-order when having bak kuh teh!

I love the liver and kidney’s soup! Yes, the soup does taste different because for the liver and kidney’s soup, they did add in a little of wine and it taste better!

The ribs were nice too! It’s so soft. I love 3 layer pork hence 2 bowls of it. Others just tasted so-so.

We ordered THIS much for 3 persons.

The rice here used to be the fragrant garlic rice 😦

A lot but we finished it πŸ˜€

From outside.

We went to Suria Sabah after dinner. The shopping mall is literally just beside our hotel!

Half a dozen of donuts from Big Apple because baby wants it. Doesn’t taste that great anymore 😦

Went back to hotel not long after because we were literally tired from all the walks.

That’s all for Day 1.


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