Day with me

6:30am : Hello! Unbelievable! My body is getting used to waking up early. Took my time and lying on bed watching anime/scrolling through Instagram. Finally a Sunday with on OT! Watching ‘Ao No Exorcist’ and damn it was so so awesome. Gonna watch ep 11 later at night!

8+am: I think I’m an M fml. I loveeeee food channel/drama/anime. This time, I found a Jap Youtuber.

Check him out on the link above.

9+am: Bath while listening to Daughtry’s. Lately, I have been enjoying listening to music while bathing. I always listen to Daughtry, Kodaline, Ed Sheeran and Birdy. They are all so so so good.

10+am: Out for our date

11+am: Arrived PICM. Just chill while waiting for the movie to start.

Little kid is happy with his balloon.

The Master of Photobomb

1+pm: MINIONSSSSS!!!!!

3+pm: Omg, minions are just so so so cute. And their butt is cute too ❤

4+pm: Bf sent me home and I got nothing to do.

Photo of today’s date with naonao hehe

Checking updates on my fav page hehehe

7+pm: Omg, I’m so bored. Played Criminal Case until my energy is finished (actually I still have around 50+ snacks but I just don’t wanna to use it). Even watched 我是演说家. There’s one man, who is physically disorder but he is an amazing one. Link for the video is below. Please check him out.

7:30+pm: Yay dinner time!

A simple fried rice because mami and I are just lazy like that haha!

11:51pm: I give up. Im going to bed. Night.

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