Not going to miss up this hype as well although I’m daysssss behind. I’m going to tell that I don’t feel any chances or any motivated once the clock strike 12:00am. I was working #TRUESTORY. I’d OT for the New Year event. I don’t even do countdown, I don’t even exactly know when the clock strike 12, I just feel tiring.

In this 2015, I won’t vow to unpromising coming ups. But I do have #WISHLISTS.

1. Travel Overseas

Bf had me and his friends to SIN in June.

March to KUL, June to SIN and December to HK. (Hopefully with some more roadtrips and spontaneous travelling) (Finger crossed for the plan to work as what we wanted.

(Maybe I can have a trip alone)

2. Staycation from the stress

Last year, I failed on this. This year I’m gonna make it!

3. Have Japanese food every month for once at least

For me, I list my luxury food is Japanese. Just let me have it once a month (at least)

4. Buy more clothes

I’m broke because I tend to spend too much on food.

5. Change better phone

6. And better camera

7. If possible an iPad as well

8. Spiritually, mentally and physically closer to my bf

9. Laptop/Desktop

10. More money

Happy New Year.


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