KK Day 1

Waiting for boarding! πŸ˜€

Very very excited cos I never went to KK before!! (Got la but that one during kid time ma so no count la)

Took evening flight and this overly exaggerated boy doesn’t want to selfie with me properly.

Not even a chance to take nice selfie with me ==

Here’s my return!!! Hahahahaa XD

Reached at night and we immediately were brought to our stay for 4 nights.

Every of us picking room that we wanted to sleep in. In the end, the room that I picked had airconditioning malfunction so the other 2 nights I went over and sleep in the living room.

Staying in apartment is so convenience with washing machine. Luckily I was smart enough to ask baby boy to bring along detergent (aunty max).

We went off to the nearest mall (opposite to our apartment) and fill in our hungry stomachs.

Nothing extravagant. Just your typical and ordinary roasted chicken and plain chicken rice.

Living cost in KK is a lot more higher than Miri hence the price T_T But for the rest of the days, we had great foods at reasonable price.

We all then wandered around the mall and went back to our stay.

Very excited that the pool is right next to our block! So we (some of us) went for a night dip. I mean dip cos I can’t swim haha.

Alright!! That’s the wrap of our first night in KK!! ❀


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