I’m feeling so uncomfortable. I shouldn’t sleep when I’m full, now that I’m in a worst condition lol.
I don’t know whether this job I could really when on how long but I’m afraid it’s not going to be long. Few days ago, I seen an advert on flight attendant vacancies. It was one of my dreams few years back. I somehow feel that the dream is still holding on in a part/corner of my heart. I still want to be a flight attendant. I’m round. I’ve scars on me. I’m not great in speaking (honestly, I write better than I pronounce). And I’m attached to home and my boy. If I were to make up my mind, I would leave everything and go and reside somewhere new. I wanted to try doing something that I really want in my life. But I couldn’t. What I am now is not one, I’ve a lot of responsibility. To my family, friends and my love. I can’t leave when I wanted to. I can’t ditched them off. I perhaps think that I will again temporarily delay it until I did ready for all. I won’t give up on it, because I know it is my dream when I was a teenager. I wanted to actually just tick off all the dreams that I ever made, regardless big or small.
I saw this leaflet of property. And I wondered once again, when will I be able to buy one for my family. The time is so unknown, but I somehow know it’s sooner.


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