Hello everyone!! πŸ™‚

I’m so so so tired these days. I’m back to my full time office hour and now I’ve to wake up super early!!! T_T 7 hours of sleep is not even enough for me πŸ˜₯ This job requires a lot of OTs and tonight will be my first ever OT fml. I’m so so so guilty that my bf had to always come all the way from his home to mine just to pick me up to and fro. And also have to cope together with my OTs T_T But I’m super thankful for him that he always by my side, say who’s the lucky girl now πŸ˜‰ (because he said if he was no there with me, I would burn him up means I’ll scold him la haha). But I promise to cook you great food (great ingredients I mean, but not the skills).

Sad that my digital camera seems to be broken down T_T I can’t turn it on!!! It happened once during my KK trip. But on the next day it went back to normal. However this time really is shut down dy!!! I tried to turn it on so many times but it does not reacting T_T Going to bring it to check up soon. If it didn’t get well, it’s a signal of buying new camera I hope so!! πŸ˜€

Oh, I did found an interesting camera, Altex cubic camera (application is almost similar to QX100). Super cute and convenience! But I don’t think the quality reach up to my expectation of 13MP 😦 Any budget camera recommendation? I’ll appreciate it!! ❀

I feel that everything seems to be broken, including my phone. Haha. Seriously, my phone is weird right now. But it’s okay, I’m not sad because I knew that I get for what I pay on a budget phone so I’m fine πŸ˜€

I’m afraid that I would be really really busy from now on and will probably neglecting my blog and my readers but I’ll try to get up with more interesting posts for you all.

Till then!


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