Halloween 2014

Don’t even get me started with this. I get lazy to update something productive lately. Anyhooooow, believe it or not, this is the debut of my Halloween celebration *boooo*. My Halloween was slightly different. In the history of Halloween (or just based on what I thought it is), Halloween is celebrated by dressing up and go clubbing. But not with mine.

In the conjunction of this, we were having a Halloween themed “美食节”. Ask me for translation, I’m afraid I could not.

Hi. This is me. Btw, I’m not Annabelle and I’m so so so sick of explaining whenever people ask me. I’m not Annabelle. I was Wednesday Addams. My eye makeup was inspired by this Youtube video but I think I’m far far far way behind her.

Sad enough to say, but there was just few of us being enthusiastic on this Halloween cosplay sort of. I was convinced cos XXC said there will be mystery gift for the best dressed but turned out no!!! I very disappointed ok. Haha. I only got the after photos but better have some than none.

I’m a failed version of Wednesday fml. But I made a kid almost burst into tear haha. I still have a lot of improvements to be done. Nice try for the first time and the super late costume. Haha.

XC and I. His makeup was awesome right right right!! He even had a 3D thing the pop out on both sides of his cheek.

Some selfies with The Saw!!

Momo had herself turned into a man.

And here comes the nightmare of all the men there haha (sorry).

Joey the drag queen. He was the receptionist of the day and I heard some of them said

“I almost kicked his at first sight. I even feel like kicking him after a few sights.”

That means he did a great job on Halloween haha.

Some here and there photos.

I keep forgetting to take off my glasses hence some of the pictures had glasses on. Not bad huh, spectacle Wednesday.

Btw, Joey was wearing my dress that night haha.

Jessie and Joey! Jessie was the makeup artist for mostly all of them (except me, Momo and Lee Lee).

Letting my camera on this drag queen, he just had to unleash his inner vain haha.

Ok la. That’s all haha. I didn’t took all of them that did dressed up but I think Joey spammed all here. I was trying to remain emotionless that night but haih, I failed terribly haha. They all went to clubbing after since they said it would be wasted if they didn’t go but nah, I passed. Anyway, it was a fun experiences for me. Signing off!


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