100 things I want to do as a couple


1) Travelling together
2) Receive flowers by post to my doorstep
3) Candlelight dinner
4) Cuddling on bed during rainy day
5) Play under the rain
6) Ride on a tandem bicycle
7) Take couple photoshoot
8) Have a long talk before sleep
9) Take lots selfies together
10) #followmeto


11) Goodnight kiss
12) Roadtrip together
13) Skinny dipping
14) Have a staycation together
15) Couple items (could be anything : clothes/necklaces/rings/etc)
16) Spontaneous visit each other
17) A slow walk in the park
18) Swim together
19) Tie each other shoelaces
20) Future planning together


21) Drive him around (after I take my car license pls)
22) Cook full-course meal for him
23) Movie marathon
24) Enjoy cooking together
25) Spring cleaning together
26) Wear couple outfits for at least once
27) Cafe hopping together
28) Do nothing but just cuddling each other for one whole day
29) Surprise each other with anything
30) Workout together


31) Star gazing together
32) Date in the library
33) Celebrate New Year, Christmas, Chinese New Year, Birthdays, Valentine’s Day together
34) Celebrate all the 12 Valentine’s Days
35) Video call each other
36) Late night call
37) Work hard together
38) Get delivery food (KFC/pizza pls) and enjoy movie
39) Midnight stroll
40) Go on more and more and more travels together


41) Day trip together
42) Love each other unconditionally and endinglessly.
43) Enjoy drinking coffee together
44) Buy me pads during period
45) Boyfriend did my makeup and Girlfriend did my makeup
46) Brush his teeth and vice versa
47) Pepero/spaghetti kiss
48) Enjoy trilled activities together (bungee jump, skydiving etc)
49) Buying house together and decorate it ourselves
50) Accept each other flaws


51) Cheer each other day
52) Talk no evils, see no evils and hear no evils of each other
53) Be his No.1 supporter
54) Help each other when they’re in need
55) Play fireworks
56) No more ‘you’ and ‘I’. It’s ‘us’ and ‘we’
57) Aquarium date
58) Computer games together
59) Hide gems (e.g gifts/cards/notes etc) in his room
60) Clip each other nails


61) Manicure and pedicure together
62) Wear bf clothes
63) Enjoy the world cuisines together
64) Warm each other up when cold
65) Do music together
66) Simple dinner date
67) Tie my hair pls it would be cute haha
68) Take ugly selfies together
69) Waltz dance
70) Eat at mamak stall


71) Night market date
72) Dinner by the beach
73) Grow up together
74) Appreciate each other
75) Stole a kiss while 对方 is not in notice
76) Beach vacation
77) Pet shop date
78) Cakes and desserts date
79) Bake him cake
80) Underwater kiss


81) Train him to be my personal photographer (which he’s really bad at right nao haha)
82)Stay loyal to each other
83) Make bed fort
84) Make photo albums together
85) Boyfriend cooks day
86) Roll on bed together
87) Create more epic moments together
88) Join doggy walkathon together
89) Countdown New Year together
90) Take care of each other during sick


91) Romantic date
92) Santorini together
93) Nami Island stroll and date
94) Love locks
95) Hot spring together
96) Wake up with a ready-made breakfast
97) Cuddling to sleep
98) Say ‘I Do’ by the end of the day being couple
99) Create more memories together
100) Get married

Here’s the Her version of 100 things! Initially I thought it was a little to difficult to list it all down but I found 100 is not enough!!! Haha. But I successfully list 100 down. To read more on our journey, click on our category tag ‘Journey’! Our relationship is a journey that we will both walk through, not a destination. Kthxbye!


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