I tak tahan la

Means I cannot stand it dy la.

1) I tak tahan when people don’t flush after use.
Seriously lo. After doing your business then clean it up la. So hard meh to just pull the flush. Very irresponsible, cannot think of the next person that gonna use the toilet meh!

2) I tak tahan when your pee stained on the edges of the toilet bowl then didn’t wipe/clean it off.
Ok, this is for guys especially when sharing the same toilet with both gender. Please lo, already know if you can’t pee properly then please wipe/clean it up the stain.

3) I tak tahan when people shake their legs like arrogant boss.
I don’t know how arrogant boss looked like la but I know I really tak tahan people that shake shake shake their legs. Go kopitiam sit and limteh, shake shake shake. Eating, shake shake shake. Smoking, shake shake shake. So seventies ok (when shake legs is still a trend amongst men). Shake also shake until the table together shake. Cut your legs then you know.

4) I tak tahan when people smoke within my area.
Ok, I know this is not anyone fault la because you don’t even know whether I like it or not kan. But to some people that know I super hate the smell of smoke (and can’t even tahan breathing in the same air), please be considerate la, don’t smoke in my territory.

5) I tak tahan when immature people thought themselves very mature.
We all know that people’s maturity level doesn’t based on their age. I have that one friend, she thought she is so mature that she went on gossiping about another person being so immature although that person is older than her and yada yada yada… Gossiping about people’s level of maturity is soooo immature ok.

6) I tak tahan when someone very gehxi (thought him/herself very great)
Gehxi also need to know limit. For fun can la. But if you want to self plus point on self then sorry k, it doesn’t work on me. No need say yourself until how great how geng la. If really great really geng, no need say I also already know la.

7) I tak tahan when people potong my barisan (cut my queue)
Especially during lining up while boarding the flight. Sure got people want cut the line de. Why ha? You line up at the back or at the front in the end you also will reach in the plane ma. Scare the plane gone if you’re the last one ah? Mai siao la.

8) I tak tahan when people can’t get between your and you’re.
Sorry I just can’t. I admit my English is not the best language I score at (also not my first language) but I also can differentiate between that two ok.

9) I tak tahan when people can’t understand what brunch is.
Brunch = late breakfast you have before 12pm hence also becoming your lunch. After 12pm, doesn’t matter if you haven’t have your breakfast yet, it is called lunch and you skipped breakfast.

10) I tak tahan when people can’t match color in their clothes.
Dark green and red? Or yellow and pink? Or green and orange? So super unmatched can. I don’t know how but I can’t walk out of the house in unmatched color clothes (no matter how shabby my clothes are).

I think my character in the post is like a mean girl. I don’t like this don’t like that haha. But I promise, I’m not the only one that tak tahan all these. Haha. I tak tahan la.


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