Journey updates

Okay, by the means ‘journey’ is our journey haha.

I found that being with him, I’m ridiculous. Haha. I don’t normally cry, but he made me cried times πŸ˜₯

You know, all those insecurities and worries when you’re in a relationship. What makes the worst is that Libras think too much that their thoughts will kill them, exactly. I think a lot. Like when I looked into the mirror and will question myself, hell does he loves someone that ugly looking. Hahahahaha.

Us, we don’t come a long way, but true enough, we learnt each other more than before. From the deepest secret and lie to discovery and to a life commitment. He, is now my motivation to cook. Haha. If I were to cook for myself, I would just cook instant noodles. But the thought of wanting him to get better than instant noodles, I get worked out in the kitchen.

My pie ❀

I could do stupid things with him. Like how we be fishballs or kangkung together. Hahaha. Being silly with each other is probably our daily routine.

Eating up my hands and germs, stupid egg. ^^’

Sometimes, he cannot tahan my ridiculousness but sometimes I also cannot tahan his one ok!

Mami just said that next time my baby gonna looks like him haha.

Cheeky kid with cheeky smile.

Okla. Enough dy. Babai.

P/S: Mami just said that next time ah when you grow older, your hair ah possibly will drop all hahahaha πŸ˜€

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