+20 facts sequels

I previously blog on 20 facts about my bf and he challenged me for another extra 20 more. Based on my 20 facts post, I could pretty much tell that my bf really like it. He wants me to publish it instantly instead of having it schedule. Haha. And he blogged on his own 40 facts about his gf cos he claimed that 20 facts is no longer the trend and 40 is. He really enjoy this as much as I do!


21. We both love 21 a lot

22. He likes number 4 (which he claimed it’s his lucky number)

23. The mole on his upper chest is sexy

24. The colour of his mole is super black and sexy haha

25. He loves his small smelly pillow that he’d to hug it every night

26. He likes to rub his mustache against me on my face

27. He easily get ulcer in his mouth

28. Lao hiao haha (inside joke)

29. Humorous

30. He would always helps me to take away onions in my food

31. We are both left handed

32. He prefer 叉烧油面 than normal 干面

33. He always put his nose under his phone and I really hate it when we’re both alone

34. He smiles without showing his teeth

35. He needs soup when he eats

36. And tomato sauce when eating fried food

37. He doesn’t likes when I wear too exposed (e.g too short and always would wants me to wear safety pants underneath my dress)

38. He’s a caring bf (but not sure if he cares for other people haha)

39. I can’t give let him cook egg plants anymore

40. He loves me (okay, this is a winning line. I win!!)

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