20 facts about me


Despite my site is lack of post so here’s a random one. I’d done this on instagram and had deleted because I decided to post a new one here (due to super lack of post). Tagging games are quite a trend nowadays. Previously was on Wechat and the trend goes on to instagram. Anyway, here’s my 20 facts.

1. I’m 1/2 Thai
2. Gluttony
3. 5’5
4. I prefer short hair over long hair
5. Very lazy
6. I actually hate my butt haha
7. I’m quite carnivorous
8. I enjoy star glazing
9. I eat aeroplanes (and make wishes on it)
10. Wanderlust
11. I make wish on 11:11
12. Straight-forward
13. Man in disguise
14. I love McDonalds
15. I haven’t take my P-license test since April
16. I skip breakfasts (most of the times)
17. I actually dislike kids a lot but I’m a tuition tutor tutoring kids
18. I’m bad at making choices, really bad that I could turn over the menus for minutes but still clueless
19. I actually have quite good memory and this only apply to useless things e.g memory games
20. I could eat A LOT that I probably could shock you.
21. My favorite number would be 21
22. I start blogging since 15 (4 years and still counting down)
23. I secretly love surprises

*** i could list it down more if I don’t stop now. Listed 23 facts Lolol ***

This is fun!


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