Play Board Game Cafe & Lounge @ Bintang Megamall Miri

Girls’ gathering on last Saturday with Jasmine, Evelyn and Hii!

The only place for hanging out in Miri that available is Parkson (though really nothing to hang out there). Decided to have lunch at Play.

Pretty cheap for the price for food but not for the drinks. Chicken chop is around RM6 but a drink would be up to RM8.50.

Was very very very disappointed with the services here. We were looking at the menu and decided to choose on chicken chop after a moment of thinking, but in the end when we placing our order, ended up told us no more chicken and lamb. Only left fish. You should’ve told us earlier when you gave us the menu! Really really really disappointed. Normally out of stock would be fish (because chicken and lamb are both normally more requested orders).

So okay lo, we all had Crispy Fried Fish with Tartar. None of us dare to order Fried Black Pepper Fish because black pepper and fish?? That’s weird.

That’s how it look like. Really no mood to take pic after such a disappointing orders. But the only positive is the privacy we get (great for chit-chatting). There’s board games available too but heard that there’s fee needed to be paid to play so we just skip the board games.

Flat White – RM8

Okay la, coffee smells strong enough but still not my liking (minus point cos the service really very slow la, luckily we didn’t rush for movie ah).

Carrot Juice – RM8.50

Apple Juice – RM8.50

Walao, I don’t care the taste la but this really took the time so long leh. They don’t even have a lot customers. Also the presentation super ugly lo. RM8.50 then present your drink in a plastic? Major turn off.

Cheesy Nachos – RM5.50

Disappointment after disappointment.

Jasmine doesn’t likes cheese but she said this is acceptable. “Because it’s not cheese at all. It’s mayonnaise sauce!”. It’s just the nachos cheese chips with mayonnaise. And this crazily dish need a long preparation time. Seriously it took around 15 minutes for it to be done. Seriously, still presentation turn off.

Then a girl came to our table.

She : Just now you here got want order chicken right?

Me : Yeah, but the chicken is out of stock.

She : Oh, it is out of stock but I just bought it.

Me ; So we can change our order?

She ; Yeah.

Me : Ok! *grins then me and Jasmine change our order*

Crispy Fried Fish w/ Tartar – RM8

Sorry this is not chicken.

In the end the girl came out and told us “Chicken needs time to clean it, sorry.”

What la. Then don’t give us hope la. I think it is only reason la cos maybe the fish already cooked. Major disappointed liao lo. Taste not that nice also.

Fries-tastic – RM6.00

The last dish. Seriously, the service super slow. I super dislike this lo. Normally fries is sprinkled with salt one ma but this one is sprinkled with chicken stock!!!! Super weird. First first eat taste weird. Then took another then taste weird. Then took another and threw the fork away cos super yuck. I cannot accept chicken stock and fries.


And my first experience in Play was bad. Really bad. Would I return? No. IMO, if the dishes were bad, then do well in your service. Even the service was bad. And the waiter, how can wear t-shirt and jeans?? Not professional ok. I feel like going to a kopitiam. Also, don’t turn on music such as Mi Mi Mi. Super spoiled the mood in the cafe.

I really would like them to have some improvement. But I would not be returning back again. Ever. McDonalds is better.

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