It feels weird. I thought I’m very open about my personal lives, but to talk about this, I’m a bit reluctant. Not because it doesn’t worth but because it worth it so much that I don’t know how to start about this and I wanted to keep it just between us two. Cheesy, but doesn’t cheese is perfect in everything?
I’ve a lot of empty drafts, and it were meant for this kind of post (imagine how long I’d felt reluctant and delayed it). I gave a lot of thoughts (no really actually), and I blame my goldfish brain. I’m not good in remembering important events but is a professionalism in useless things. I’ll take it as my good point. Haha. I’m not good in remembering dates and days too. So this post is worth for the memories.
To be honest, I never expect anything from him. Maybe being friends are enough, for me. Or perhaps I’ve no expectation on relationships, despite bad mistake I made in the past. I just thought that it’s fun being with him. We have a lot of topics to talk. Humour. Just a perfect guy friend that I could ever had again in my guy friends list. And most importantly, I’m not trying to show and good sides of me (doubted a sec whether I’ve good side or not fml) to him. Major friendzoned fhl. But without me realising it. I fell into the hole that he made. Bravo. I took up the challenge, and here I am, on the journey, from the 30th of July. He won, he’s worth for a blog post. Or more. He’s worth to be in my vision. He’s worth for me to keep. He’s not a saint neither he is a goddess (though I even called him goddess haha).
Guess he’s really proud of himself now, pfft pfft. Haha. His trick is for me to get use of him, like some ridiculous mangas I read before or dramas I watched before. “Get used to my existence and I’ll disappear one day. And on the day I disappeared, you gonna miss me.” kind of trick I think. Haha. Sometimes it makes me wonder won’t it far for him to pick me up to and fro but I couldn’t care less cos he’s asking me out for food! I can’t reject my ultimate loves for food. Haha. Way to my heart is to take care of my stomach.
It’s all started with my water bottle which he mistakenly drank it. To sharing the same water, sharing the same chopsticks, and feeding him the banana cheese, bridal carry, back carry, holding hands, lightly hands on waist, bites, pecks on cheeks, and a “2-minutes” kiss. That’s kind of the summary of our journey.

Thank you, for having me.

Everyday with you is a fun day and I’m looking forward with our next 60 years. The end of this post is the start of our journey. Everyday will be filled with fun, joy, hope and

*not sure if our picture is allowed to be shown up, but I’m showing it anyway haha*



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