Donya Japanese & Western Cuisine Miri

Quite a lot of Japanese fusion around here but I promise you this is the last one.

Went to Donya last week with mom and sis. We went our first round in Sushi King but we’d no choices there so we came for another second round.

What we ordered:

Extra point for the presentation. Haha.

Inari sushi – RM4

Blehh, I dislike inari sushi. Too sweet for my liking. Mom ordered it.

California Maki – RM12 (if not mistaken)

Not bad, but still california maki is just pretty plain.

The one thing I like here is the wasabi. It’s more to sweetness. But not the soy sauce. I prefer sweet than salty.

Set meal – Saba fish – RM16++ or more. Free a choice of sushi (choose one from 3)

Hmm. Nothing special. It’s just a fish. More like kampung fish. But my sis likes it. Maybe not for me. Haha. Miso soup not bad.

Returning back? I surely will. There’s a lot of choices in the menu for me to try it out. Not only they serve Japanese cuisine but they do serve Western too. Although I pretty much prefer them to have Japanese cuisine only cos it’s quite hard for me to choose from too many choices.

Back to eating grass nao.

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