Nikko Japanese Restaurant

I am the biggest fans of my blog that I even forgotten I actually own a blog. It’d been a month, I apologize. More update on personals on my next post but first, food post.

Went to the New Nikko yesterday for dinner. Actually wanted to go to a Korean restaurant opposite to SMK Chung Hua but reached there and realized it is not opening anymore. Therefore changed to New Nikko since I haven’t try it out yet.

Ambience not bad. Slightly dim but very privacy between you and the neighbor. We were seated in very comfortably.

Prices were slightly higher than other Japanese restaurant in Miri but worth for the try. Would be returning back for other dishes.

What we ordered:

California roll – RM12

Not bad for a california roll, since all california rolls tasted quite normal.

Butter Fish Sashimi – RM30

First time tried it and I loved it! It is so good that it melted in my mouth after a few chews. I think I would let my soul be prepare before I go to Japan for real! Haha. He likes it too πŸ™‚

Ebi Mango Maki – Not sure the price but around RM10-20.

Not bad but I wanted the mango taste to be more stronger. It’s hard for me to figure out the taste of the mango but overall still good.

Salmon maki – RM6 maybe

I like this. Haha. Salmon is good *thumb ups* Although it looks simple, but it is really good!

Gyoza – RM12

Hmm. Quite disappointed on this one. I’ve high expectation but it’s okay.

Yakitori – RM8

No matter how many shots I took on it, still bad. Amateur, sorry. Haha. The chicken skin is the best!! I like this one too!

For him;

Unajyu – RM38

Hmm. I just don’t really like unagi.

And for her;

Niku Udon – RM20

The taste is quite bland. But not sure if it is meant to be bland. Haha. A lots of beef slices.

Overall, I would give a 7/10. Maybe we should just cut down some on the orders so that we could enjoy more, too much orders. Haha.

That’s all.


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