What make the opposite gender the best BFF

…in the view of a girl.

Honestly, I make best friends out of opposite gender better than girls. No, doesn’t means I don’t have girl friends, but lesser. Personally, I think I make a long-lasting friendship with guys more #truestory. I do have girl friends, but sadly it just doesn’t last, it just we slowly drifting apart (No no I still have few best girl friends and we been contacting/meeting each another every now and then).

➑ Reasons that my friendship with girls doesn’t stay long is because (99.99% of it are my personal issues lolol) :

1) I’ve less interest into gossiping people now (last time I was immature fml)

2) Some are super fake. They’re good in front of you but backstabbing you (act super friendly but when going out with each other, they tend to exclude you or having secret between each other then every time they talk about it I’m like “Ok, just chill and be a cute potato here“).


Just SOME. Previously, I would take time and revenge but maybe not anymore for now.

➑ What make the opposite gender (men) my best bff:

1) They don’t simply gossip because not a fuck was given.

2) They’re not fake, at least all my guy friends are not. Some of my guy friends actually shared they secrets with me (e.g their love life, crush, ex-es, family problems (#truestory), stresses, etc). I could say 90% out of 100% of my guy friends did actually shared me their secrets. Maybe I’m a good listener lolol. But I’m not a keeper so think twice before you tell me your secret. Hahaha.

3) They’re not concern about weight lolol. Because I love to eat therefore I always eat a lot but seeing my girl friends actually ate so little did make me kind of a little embarrassed ^^’ Now I’ve my makan-makan friends haha! 🌯

4) The best best friends ever ❀

➑ When you know they’re your bff:

1) Your friends actually complimented the friendships that you’ve with him.

2) They even said “You’re the most compatible with him!” when you don’t even think so.

3) You make people go like “Are you both in a relationship?


Maybe I shall just help you to privatize your identity haha



Sorry but I don’t bother to cover up your identity anyway haha. Btw, Joey is a guy. My sister thought it’s a girl FHL. #sorrynotsorry

4) You feel he’s the one that you can open up with!

5) It’s normal to have skin-ships with him (holding hands, hugs, resting your head over his shoulder (for me I’m resting my jaw over the shoulder haha), clinging your arm on his shoulder, etc)

6) You make your parents go like “He’s a great man!” and you were like “Ew no.

7) (In my case) I’ll use vulgarity because that’s when I start to feel comfortable. I often call Joey “Bitch” =.=

8) They understand you more than you understand yourself (#truestory)

9) They know your favorite food

10) You’re a bad singer but you still sing along with them

11) You been called “Bro“.

12) too much to be listed that i’m lazy lol leave a comment below if you think there’s some more. Thanks! πŸ˜‰

IMO, having a gay friend is the BEST haha. I actually have quite a few and we just clicked very well! Mainly is because we chat and talk like girl-to-girl and having our heart-to-heart session (like what girls exactly did!) just minus gossiping and backstabbing. And basically skin-ships between each other is rather more comfortable haha. Sometimes you could ask them for advises on clothing. And of course #SELFIE!!!! You could feel like they’re your long lost brother and soul sister!

I’m not saying or implying any negativity toward girls cos hey, I’m still a girl ok. This post is all mainly my own point of view/experiences/opinions. There is pros and cons in everything so let’s look at the brighter view πŸ™‚

Of course some of the cons are maybe like *below*

Cons of being friends with opposite gender will prolly be:

1) Can’t stick too close when your guy friends found himself a girlfriend. I meant, look, which girl likes when there’s another girl close with her bf? Haha.

2) They’re freaking gamers. And I’m a…. a…. a kawaii potato..


3) Well, not every guys make the best friends. Beware of some that have intentions on you (e.g sweet talks with you or anything but so far non of my guy best friends did it haha).


⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Things that I said:

#5 Mi Sedap

SYS picked me up to Imperial Mall for the workshop because he’s on the same track. Before the workshop started, we both went to a bubble tea shop for dinner. He ordered mi sedap while I ordered mi ayam. Basically we both ordered instant noodles la. SYS had his mi sedap for 2 packets.

Waiter: You order 2 packets tadi kah? (did you ordered for two packets serving just now?)

SYS: Ya.

Waiter: *comes out with a plate* Kamu makan satu dulu k. (you eat this one packet first k)

SYS: Ha? Ok.

Me: *laugh out loud*

~few mins later~

Waiter: *comes out with another plate*

***conversation is in mandarin but I translated***

SYS: *finished his first plate and going on the second* Why is this tasteless???!!

Me: What tasteless? You mean they only get you the soy sauce and no seasoning?

SYS: Tasteless!!

Me: *try his noodle* Seriously tasteless! Only the soy sauce and chilli sauce! HAHAHAHA

SYS: *face palm X countless times*

We actually told the person in charge of the cooking but they claimed they’d all of it in the noodle so SYS had no choice but to finish his noodle.

SYS: *face palms again*

Me: *give him some of my chicken soup*

SYS: This will help. This will help. You’re so great!!

Me: No lah, this is my leftover ma..

SYS: * =.= * Never mind la, got taste better than nothing.

Me: *pour all my soup*

SYS: Wah, this is so much better.

#6 Lipstick

Both of us were eating our noodles when I suddenly saw something on his cup of Milo.

Me: SYS….

SYS: What?

Me: Do you apply lipstick?

SYS: What? NO.

Me: There’s lipstick stain on your cup.

SYS: They prolly doesn’t wash it properly.

Me: *drink some soup but keep burst out laughter*

SYS: δ½ ε–·εˆ°ζˆ‘ε•¦


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