My first note of gratefulness

Photo on 2014-05-26 at 00.50

By Joey ❀

Thanks for your note! I really feel very happy πŸ™‚ I would wrote more to a lot more people if I’d more note but it’s okay, gratefulness doesn’t means we have to speak it out for the opposite side to understand! I feel so so so so grateful and blissful. I never thought the 2nd BTC lesson I went on will be so so so so so fun and knowledgeable. I learnt that to let someone change, you have to change yourself first. And also filial piety doesn’t start when you’re success, it’s start from right now, NOW. There’s so so so so much more that I learnt. I really hope my friends would come and join me along too in this fun classes! ❀


Things that I said:

#4 Foodie 2

Joey: Remember last night Diamond Ang said about the ‘eat’? If took away ‘eat’ from life, what do you still left of?

Me: Yeah!

Joey: You’re the first that I think of! Haha.

Me: I was at behind and actually laugh at it! Even SYS said that to me! Haha.

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