Random Thoughts #2

I’ve going through and back this blank post for days and perhaps almost weeks.

I feel so lazy. So so so lazy that I don’t even want to type anything at all. I wished the keyboard could read my mind and type for me. Maybe I could go and invent this amazing technology haha #TechnologyForLazies

This past few days had been bad for me. I never thought that I would hate food so much for a second. But that day came unnoticed. I skipped my meals for the day due to busy schedules and laziness until my friend ask me out to eat around 4pm and I was like “oh fuck i realized i haven’t take any meal yet” so we made a makan makan date. But unfortunately due to his busy schedule and road jammed, he arrived at 5+pm, where I’d started whining because I got so so so hungry. I realized i felt something wrong by the time. I felt urm.. hot? haha. I became worsen after I took the meal because of the fried rice really damn geli lo. And I immediately had a nap after home. I gotten sick. I’d fever fml. Have you ever got so hungry and got fever? Now i had hahaha.

My appetite got so so so bad that I would puke everything that I eat. Even if in small portion. Or a small bowl of soup. When I smell food, I felt nauseatic. But no, I’m not pregnant hahahaha that’s gonna be magical. I felt headache and chest pain. Especially chest pain, it was so pain that I can’t even get up from my bed. I don’t know what had gotten into me. But lately i’d been better. I can eat food without vomiting it but only one meal. If i’d more than a meal in a day, i would feel too full fml. what happen to my appetite. I hope that this could end soon.

After those nausea, now I’ve runny nose fml. I don’t know how many times I’d sneezed in a day.

Things that I said :

#1 Prince Charming

SYS: Wah 白马王子啊白马王子! Prince Charming!

Me: *white coat + white buttoned shirt + collar pin + faded grey jeans + military boots*

SYS: If you’re guy, I would had flirt you.

Me: So you might be a gay.

SYS: Yeah, luckily you’re not a guy! If not I might be a gay right now!

Me: Serious -.-

SYS: Serious! Just now I once saw you I immediately be like “白马王子” and “Prince Charming” a!

*and SYS kept “prince charming, prince charming” the whole night*

I think that’s how I look better in pants than skirt/dresses fml. And cool images over cute bubbly images fml.

#2 Pretty

LLT: There’s a pretty girl over there tonight!

Me: Pretty girl? Am I not the pretty girl?

LLT: *burst out laugh*

#3 Foodie

SYS: When Diamond ASC said that “If took away ‘eat’ from your life, what would you still left?”, I first think of you.

Me: Why think of me? Does everything about food must think of me?

SYS: Yeah haha. Last time I would think of Sharon but now you’re the first I think of.

Me: *wtf* why not CSK?

SYS: Not anymore. You’re the first.

So conclusion is I’m a big eater fml. #truestory

Because I’ve a goldfish brain that I might forgotten what funny things that I said so maybe I can have some records of it.


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