Recent #1

Sorry not sorry for the lack of updates. But surprisingly my stat still going on increasing (though I really thought no visitors anymore lolol). My passion for blogging still have yet faded. Just that I’m lack of social life. I’m not that free as I am before haha. Everyday is full of appointments and meetings. I know that all the efforts I put on will definitely have a better result, not immediately but definitely. Of course, my effort is still not enough. I must put some more into it again. I miss the time when I spent eating great food and relax over icy cold desserts and tong sui. Sigh, I don’t have enough time for such leisures anymore. I spent much of my time on wechat wtf haha. And at night I would make appointments. Somehow, I began to hate free time. I would find ways to make myself productive before I went to bed (not a single second to be wasted). I love how I get super busy with meetings and appointments. Rushing things and all. Crazy enough, but I love it.

I’d gone to Brunei on past few days and tried their local delicacies. Like their famous sesame kueh tiao (delectable!). But the currency is really a heartbreak, better don’t convert it to RM. I’m going again on this coming Thursday. Must try nasi katok now. Funny how I gone there for twice and had yet tried the famous ‘must eat’ food in Brunei ==

I find myself busy flying and learning each and everyday. Maybe should take some rest at times too. Anyway, this post is literally rubbish of how my life is going on lol haha. Bye.

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