Lil’ update

March is a good start! I decided to cut of my 1-year long hair hahaha into something mushy.

Makeover x grooming part 1 was done! πŸ˜€

I’m not regretting it at all! I personal think short hair suit me better. Oh and I don’t need to stress over tangled hair anymore! Some people ask me why I cut my hair or don’t you think it’s a bit ε―ζƒœ? But honestly, I never doubt my choice so I don’t have any reason to get regret over it haha! Some even said I’m better with long hair etc. Do you think I care of how you think? I’m happy enough being myself than listening to what you think I should be. And to those who think I cut it is because of sad thing happened, NO. Not because I’m going through heartbreak therefore doing reckless things la haha! I’m not ongoing any heartbreak nor anything sad (even if I’m I won’t be doing stupid things either). I just thought it’s time for me to change and what I need to do it to change my most unappealing side first.

p/s: I even thought of going for another hair cut and cut it shorter haha. Feeling amazing after not having short hair for a year +.

Super love my hair ok. Now I can pull off sexy, sweet, cool or any images easily!! Oh ya, super love Xperia Z’s front camera too!! No edit ok hahaha only soft skin mode. Oh I’m in love!! *narcissistically* #selflove


Life goes well and fighting mode is on from this month onwards! Been crazy over star glazing on beach lately. Still have 2 list of beaches to go at night. Next time must bring over the beach blanket and have a nice star glazing over the night while listening to the sound of the waves! Oh I’m in love again!!! #beachylove


BYE!! πŸ˜†

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