Sushi King

Meeting up with Brenda the afternoon before she flying back to KL for a simple typical outing (movie + lunch + some window shopping). It’s quite a headache when it comes to good food in Parkson. Either you go for fast food or you still go for fast food haha. Dilemma between Secret Recipe and Sushi King cos both less ‘fast food’-ish. And in the end, ended up at Sushi King.

Had a moment of difficulty while checking out their menu. Dilemma x2.

Green Tea – RM0.50

Small tea bag and a jug of hot water πŸ™‚

Tamago – RM2.00

Egg Mayo – RM2.00

Tamago Maki – RM2.00

If you think I’m a fan of eggs, then you’re wrong. Don’t know what happening to her, but Brenda was definitely having an egg fever on that day. Wait, is KL has no eggs? I don’t get how people can get obsessed with eggs.

Fuku sushi – RM4.00 (Seasonal Promotion – CNY)

I don’t get what’s Fuku sushi is lolol. Ordered it just because it’s seasonal and sounds rare hahaha. But quite delicious! Worth trying.

I was trying to resisting myself from ordering more than I could consume it (cos I ordered ramen too!). However, I failed in the end. How can you tahan when the sushi belt is actually just right beside you!!!! Then I saw something caught my attentions. Yes, attentionS!! Then I beh tahan and terus grab it from the belt. Great job sushi belt.

IKA – RM4.00

The culprit lol. Love the chewiness πŸ˜€ Then got tempted by Tako Top sushi again. And Salmon also. But luckily I controlled myself. Yay!

Spicy Jigoku Ramen + Mentai Gohan – RM23.90

Anything beside sushi at Sushi King are not recommended btw. And the ramen is really pricy despite the portion and the quality of it. No runny egg. 2 small chunks of chicken thigh. Spoonful canned corn. 2 leafs of boiled vegetables lol. With additional of normal cheap rice (not Japanese rice) and mentaiko on top. The broth is not strong enough. Just like a typical soup. Not worth for the price paid IMO. Also hor, I think they should provide plastic chopsticks from ramen lo. Where got use wooden chopsticks eat ramen. Please balance out the weight between the spoon and chopsticks hhahahaha

I read from a blog on how to eat ramen in the correct way.

Is to eat all the noodle and order a bowl of rice (in my case, I’d mentai gohan)

And ta-da! I found out that Japanese did this is because they appreciate the wonder of the broth. Ramen broth were boiled for 8 hours with I-don’t-know-what-ingredients. But definitely a broth to be appreciate by. So cannot waste.

But hor, the broth initially tasted not great already, so no matter immersed with rice also same la. Okok only. Next time don’t want order these anymore. Just grab grab grab on the sushi belt.

With Brenda before both of us apart once again hahaha. Look got a photobomber behind! Smile toward the camera somemore!! Hehehehehe πŸ˜€

Typical me with my typical ugly face teehee.


One thought on “Sushi King

  1. Considering that I started out trying to meizitnag I’ve slash ingesting over the week completely, but I’m genuinely not prepared to give it up over the weekends when all of my friends are partying.


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