Beach food @ Tanjung Food Stalls

Not sure what title I should name for this post lolol so “beach food” HAHAHAHAHA.

Few days back, finally having dinner together with complete family members around (also lately I rarely eat dinner together 😦 ). Sister said to go out for dinner so yeah!

Ice Longan

Testing out my camera under dim light. Personally thinks it capture better without flash.

Cincau C

Fried noodle

This was from Stall 1 if not mistaken. Kinda like it cos it is not those typical very dry fried noodle. At least this is a little ‘saucery’ hahaha.

Satay lamb & chicken RM0.80/stick

Very kiamsiap lol. The meat so slim aduh. Okay only lo, nothing special.

Fried butter squid

Worst dish of the night. It supposed to be deep fried. But it was stir fried wtf. Sloppy buttered squid. (also from Stall 1 (maybe))

Kailan/Baby kailan

Sorry i cannot differentiate between kailan and baby kailan hahaha. Best dish of the night btw. Very flavorful 😆 (also from Stall 1 (maybe again))

Le mammy and I in faded colour.

Bad hair day so tied it up.



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