Crayon Fannee

Even I myself also sick of these pictures but what can I do, I gonna keep it a record of how I look with the best make up I ever had lolol (for this moment la)

Nah. I showed this picture to my colleagues and they were like “Is that you?” and looking back and forth between the picture and the real me lolol. And also commented I look more like mixed blood (duhhh, i am….).

With Yvonne.

Why hor, I look good with paints on my face lolol. Maybe I should just slap myself more with paints hahahaha. And also smile with teeth showing hahaha

An ‘after’ look. I swear my ‘before’ look was way way way way way way dull and really look like corpse. Like I’d been sleepless for years fml.

Then Rex requested for a “杀人眼” then I do this. very fail okay.

And this picture from last entry was actually Rex asked me to stand over the fan hahaha. So that my hair kena the fan blows like those in Hollywood movie. But also fail lo.

Oh I even received a comment from Shan.

Shan: 你的眼睛很杀人

Me: Hah?

Shan: Your eyes killed me.

Then when I stared at Yee Chau for a moment,

Yee Chau: 不用再看了很美了很美了


In conclusion I would say Iphone front camera loves me.



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