Sajian Warisan @ PICM Miri

I don’t normally go for Malay food. But when I do, it’s rare. There’s a new (kinda) mall opened back in January and there’s lots cafes around so I made another resolution is to try every cafes out! Haha. So the first stop is this Bali-ish-look-alike, Sajian Warisan.

There’s few choices for seat to choose from. The long Hogwart-ish table and chair in Balinese style, al-fresco, or like what we chose, where we were required to find the most comfortable way to sit. And that’s a bad start. Shoes are not allowed. At first we thought there’ll be hole beneath the table for us to rest our legs but NO. You freaking find your best way to sit. I wore dress oh yeahh.

Our orders.

Chelsea Blue RM5.50

Tasted like 7up mixed with a blue syrup lol. I ordered it just because of the quirky name lol, but not worth for the price I would say.

Milo Bananrama Shake RM7.00

The idea of this drink is milo, banana and butterfly HAHAHAHA. Nolah. I don’t get what their bananrama is haha so what I simply conclude from it is banana and butterfly. It is just a milo shake, how shall I exaggerate the flavour of it? Ok I thought of it. The milo bananrama shake is really very milo-ish and erm shaky.

Nasi lemak RM6.00

Poor in presenting the utensils i would say.

Nasi Ayam RM4.00

But without ayam. Like wow. This is the first time like ordering ice tea without tea. Geddit geddit? Haha. The waiter came and gave us a kind reminder “Nasi ayam ini tak ada ayam ok.” Hahahaha oh and also it has the weirdest taste sup along with the nasi ayam without chicken.

Ayam Penyet RM7.00

You should learn more on how to crack an egg, dear chef. Cos there’s egg shell on the chicken. Pretty boring dish, nothing to elaborate.

Kari Kambing RM8.00

The best dish amongst all. Therefore deserve 2 pictures up here =D

Sambal Sotong RM7.00

The mediocre dish. It’s such a waste for such a fresh and chewy cuttlefish. The sambal was the culprit. The sambal is no longer sambal. It’s more like sup sambal wtf. There you got it, it tasted like when you mixed too much water to the sambal.



I would say the serving was rather a disappointment after disappointment. You can just take a look on the size to the plate. But what could I say more, there’s no kangkung. Economy’s bad and increasing. So it’s a win-win negotiation.

Worst choice made. I needed to stop enjoy my food for times just to rest my legs from being cramp lol.

Perhaps the best candid shot I had lol. That’s how we sat on the woods?

Aunty Fung.

Aunty Jasmine.

If you perhaps think it’s my own picture next, then you’re wrong cos my pic always at the end of the post lo. Mana boleh potong stim. Cos i still got more pic to show ma.

Aunty J and Aunty L. Haha

Aunty Eve!!!!!!! Next time must join us to complete our Aunties Meeting!!! HAHAHAHAHA

Still 2 aunties..

It’s pretty dim here so pictures turn out quite bad so that’s a minus point. Selca also no mei mei liao hahahahahaha

Obviously, it’s an ending!! =D



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