#Fanneeconve whatsapp stranger edition//big eater

Gotta thanks these 2 people for giving me idea on what to blog

Whatsapp stranger edition

I received a message for a complete stranger through Whatsapp, where I completely no idea how he got my number or where he got it from, from whom he got it from. Wow, sound like he’s my secret admire fhl.

This fucking person. You greeted so many times yet don’t tell me any fucking significant thing for the reason behind the ‘hi’ and then ignored me.

But he then ‘hi’ me again after 5 freaking days. Thus this time I didn’t insert a question mark behind. Prolly he thought I don’t understand what ‘hi’ means so he kindly ignored me and checking me back after days whether I’d learnt what ‘hi’ means or sort of wtf.

Oh yeah, I doubt if i’m fine or no, fariend. Why would I give a stranger my number = =


Oh yeah i no fariendship with you oh no no no no.

Holy mother of grammars and spelling checker. i no want tray you. i no want you oh no no no no no.

Oh vary interseting i no want teay. Oh I almost cry.

And I got freaking pissed oh STAHPPPPP.

That’s where it ended. I printed screen it before I blocked him lolol but I’m kind enough cause I pixel him number lololol.

Fatty Chat

My laoban Goh hahahaha. We chatted lots random things of school, work, his crush, cny lolol. Here’s an excerpt of our convo where I super touched hahahahaha.

Because he understands my appetite so well T___T I lup you. Hahahahahaha. They surely will always ask me to go Mcd if they’re going T___T cos I always get excited for Mcd, my loveeeee lolol. Come let’s go Mcd again laoban Goh!!! Come let’s bai nian together again this year!! I miss you all laaaaaa… T________________T

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