How to lose weight fast and cheat in 3 seconds

Happy New Year! 1st post of 2014. I have such a bad beginning for the new year. Lately had been raining daily and I don’t normally bring umbrella around which in the end caused me sore throat and flu fml. I literally got slightly drenched EVERY SINGLE DAY. Sigh antibody weaken.


#This blog post contains ugly photos. Reminded to not eat while reading (to avoid your device from the pool of your vomit and you really won’t have the mood to eat anymore).

#Please, don’t stop visiting my site after this post HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

This trick apply to anyone, not sure if it is for everyone (not tested yet).

OMG! This is… this is…. this is…. no words can describe that fatty chin gosh.

Hmm… getting slightly better now i think.










HAHAHAHAHAHA! #too bored #fucking bored #flip table #cute failed HAHAHAHAHAHA

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