Typical Lee’s Christmas

Finally my camera came in a good use on Christmas night, for selca HAHAHAHAHA.

Basically this is how my family celebrate Christmas (not really), in Chinese style. My Christmas dinner had no turkey. No Christmas tree. No gift exchange session.

Non-Christmasy drink, 3 sours. Opens up my appetite.

Very non-Christmasy dinner 😆

Sweet and Sour Pork // Baby kailan // Kangkung belacan // Signature tofu // Pork ribs

Double thumb ups for the signature tofu!!!!

Mamy and baby Flinn (LOOK AT HIS CHEEKS!!)


Christmas tree us wtf. Lightning malfunction lol.

You know, if you’d been reading my blog continuously for times, days, months, years, my selca will always at the end of my post!! 😆 But this time I give you all more credits!! I got more than 1 vanity photo hahahaha!

Reason why I love slow motion flash is because of the rave!!! haha. Fringe is now at the critical stage, ugly damn ah lian wan.

Look look the rave behind me!!! LET’S PARTAYYYYY!!

I like my smile here!! I think my eyes look flirtatious!! Hahaha!! And I posted this on my ig (fanneelee) and also wechat’s moment haha because I really think I look good here lolol. You think how leh? Got flirt dao you mah? HAHAHAHAHAHA

Sigh, my lips really getting drier now, how can I look flirtatious if like that!!!! 👿 Also my brows really like shit now fml.



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