ZenQ Dessert Miri // Honey Toast


Basically, after Billion Dollar burger, Jasmine and I initially wanted to go to a mall but we’d some problem connection with the transportation FOL and also time-limited. We postponed it and changed our plan.

Girls need desserts after meals. We always have space for desserts no matter how full we were. Like we girls literally have 2 stomachs and one is reserved for desserts #Girlsbeinggirls

Especially when the town has this sweet temptation, honey toast.

Weather was hot on that evening and we even walked quite a distance from my house to ZenQ so we had 1 shaved ice and 1 honey toast.

Mix Fruits Shaved Ice – RM8.90

It was nice. It was refreshing. But I was quite sad. Because the advertisement showed that there’s some mango cubes but ours no have!!! πŸ‘Ώ

But then it was really nice, the ice-cream was so flavouring and creamy. But then we people tend to look onto those little disappointing thing and forget all the happiness around us wtf.

But this is really good! *2 thumb ups* So next time don’t forget my mangoes again, okay. Always keep your mangoes stocks available.

Also this bowl is huge (it’s bigger than my face lolol) that the ice and fruits are so filled up the whole bowl so better shared with with 2-3 people.

Our main reason to ZenQ!

Our main of the day! πŸ˜€

Black Forest Danish Honey Toast – RM16

We waited this for roughly around 15-20 minutes. It’s great while the toast serves warm. And when mixed with the chocolate ice-cream, yeah that feeling, the hot and the cold. There’s some peanut butter over the toast, personally think that it’s quite a good combination. Serving is around 2-4 people.

They also have this little happy face over the utensil. Boost up happiness level lolol.

They gave us this free Passion Fruit Green Tea

Love this drink! It has the sour and sweet taste. Jasmine agreed too!

Too full.

But still have energy to selca wtf hahaha.

So urm that’s all! Bye!! πŸ˜†


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