Behold ❗ Unexpected vain photo below.

**1st dec 2013 – draft**

I love prank, like since forever lolol. So this time my prank is kinda different from the usual ones.

It started with a long story and ended up to a prank with just slightly (not really) misunderstanding from outsiders.

Where I looked like i’m about to burst into laughter and I actually quite stiff when i kind of putting my hand over his shoulder lolol.

Ok i summarize abit la how we ended up like this in the photo, not because we were drunk lol. He (Ken), Jasmine and I went out on this Saturday afternoon for a burger and some talks since the last we met each other was few months ago. He told us about his campus life, crush(es),  and also a creepy person. That person confessed to him and Ken rejected him. Ken wanted to just remains friends. While that person only wants 2 choices, together or strangers  . Therefore ended up as stranger and that person kept telling lies around about Ken. Kept staring him in campus (both same campus). Kept telling people already gave up and moved on but still cried in the cafeteria when someone mention about Ken wtf or some sort like that. Just keep checking him out like a creepy stalker 🙄 . And tarataratara we ended up with this photo hahahahaha.

I’m sincerely really sorry for that person la but what that person did was seriously very creepy. That person even created an album with all photos of Ken and only Ken and that person can view it. Say, creepy or not? 😯

We both agreed to purposely put this picture as profile picture to show that creepy person lolol childish i know. Captioned “我们” means “We” lo. And the comments are also prank (in the box). That’s Jasmine commented “Congrats!”. I asked her to put on some funny emoticon because with emoticon, it’ll also means like a joke and at the same time also make people curious of our relationship lolol FTL.

But I found out our “purposely-to-show-to-that-creepy-person” ended up as a prank! It was fun to see Brenda’s reaction! She even posted a status about pork (we promised to treat each other bbq pork if we dated one)

That Onion’s Jasmine FHL.

So we all pakat together. I think emoticon really did a good job. I purposely “:)))” so that I looked more friendly and if I cut out the “:)))” I think my comments are still plain normal.

Brenda acted all so mighty like she knew we’re in a close relationship while in reality we three chatted behind her and laughed about her lolol FHL 😆 . She even inboxed both me and Ken and asked about us. What we replied are just “long story” etc (well it’s really a long story how we ended up in that photos hahaah) It as if we’re hinting her something but we’re not! hahahaha. Oh my stomach aches.

And even my cousin inboxed Ken asking about us! Hahahaha she even told Ken that “We will soon become a family.” 🙄 wtf. True, we never said “Yes” or anything when they asked about our relationship. We just trying hard to hinting them yes and no lolol.

Brenda even told us “Don’t deny it” while I was like “I’ve nothing to deny hahahahahahahahaha”

But now I guilty I lied so many people sigh.

**2nd dec 2013 – update**

Profile picture changed.

Reason: Scare no people want to flirt me anymore lolol wtf.

No penalty charged.

Here’s an inbox chat between me and Brenda when she discovered this picture lolol and acted all so goddess mighty FHL. Pixel her face like she’s a criminal lolol.

Well, because it’s really cheeky of how the prank goes..

Where she started to felt mighty FHL

Through fb stickers lolol.

I even received friend request from Ken’s campus friend lol (whom might thought we’re serious FHL)

Ken’s cousin liked our old graduation picture (prolly stalked us wtf) you can view it here

My colleague thought I finally found one.

I think, that’s all. Lolol to those who were cheated, I don’t know whether I want to say I’m not purposely or I’m actually purposely want to cheat you all haha.

Okay lo my face as an apology can? hahahahaha *buay paiseh* my eyes also = =


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